Mare of Easttown Season 2: Should We Expect its Arrival Anytime soon? 

Critics and audiences alike praised the work of Brad Ingelsby on his US crime drama Mare of Easttown. This 7-episode series is the second in HBO history (including The Undoing) to see its viewers grow with each episode as this series is distinctive for its fearless but flawed protagonist and the engaging secondary characters who make up the small-town community.  The show ended with a shocking finale on Sunday that proved it will be remembered as one of the most talked-about in 2021. In contrast, its stellar cast, led by Kate Winslet, nearly universal critical acclaim, and the rich Pennsylvania accents that came with it have left viewers begging for a second season. The following information relates to a possible season 2 of Mare of Easttown.


Mare of Easttown Season 2 Release Date

An official premiere date hasn’t been announced yet. As long as there hasn’t been an official renewal, it’s impossible to speculate when the show could debut. Before any filming can begin, there must be an idea as to what the story is going to be. The second season will probably come first at the earliest, but we won’t see it until a few years later. 

Mare of Easttown Season 2 Cast

As Mare of Easttown wouldn’t be complete without Mare, if HBO renews it, Kate Winslet would have to reprise her role as the Philadelphia detective. The Sheehan family will also likely be a part of season two, so Jean Smart (Helen Fahey), Angourie Rice (Siobhan Sheehan), David Denman (Frank Sheehan), Neal Huff (Father Dan Hastings) and Izzy King (Drew Sheehan) reenact their role for the second season in Eastown. 

There is still uncertainty as to whether the Ross family – Lori (Julianne Nicholson), John (Joe Tippett), Billy (Robbie Tan) and Kenny McMenamin (Patrick Murney) – will return to the series. The murder case involving Erin has likely ended, which means they will no longer play a role in the storyline – although Lori will be Mare’s best friend in season two, so she may appear.


The mystery surrounding Guy Pearce’s potential return to the show remains veiled. Mare broke up with him in the penultimate episode, telling him that she needed time to regain her equilibrium. Now that fans are expecting a big twist in the season finale, is it possible he was involved in Erin’s murder? Will he not return in season two? We’ll get a better idea of who might return after next Monday, since this is all speculation. Evan Peters won’t be coming back as Colin Zabel after his character died in episode five, and the same holds true for Cailee Spaeny as Erin McMenamin.

Mare of Easttown Season 2 Plot

If the show is renewed, we expect the storyline to continue, as Mare (Winslet) and her ex-drug addict daughter-in-law Carrie (Sosie Bacon) fight over who will raise Drew, Mare’s grandson. After watching the series finale, we learned that Carrie had stopped going to a rehab clinic and had instead taken to drugs again as a way to deal with the exhaustion of finding and keeping multiple jobs. While Drew is back with Mare for now, we can expect Carrie to return for her son when she gets righteous again and start the custody proceedings all over again when Carrie goes clean again.

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The relationship between Mare and Richard was also left on a shaky note at the end of series one because Richard left Easttown and took a position at another university. During an interview with Esquire, Brad Ingelsby revealed that it was Kate Winslet’s decision to throw their romance into the air.

Are we going to see Mare and Richard reunite in season two, or will they even work on a long-distance relationship? No matter what happens, it would be nice to see Mare achieve some sort of personal triumph if the show returns. Mare would have to wrestle with the next big case in addition to these ongoing storylines! It remains to be seen whether her decision in the season one finale will lead to any repercussions. This is something we should see more of in season two.

Mare of Easttown Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, a trailer has not yet been released. Since the second season has not yet been confirmed, a trailer cannot be released until filming gets underway. When one becomes available, we will make sure to bring one.

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