Who is Margaret Hoover Husband? How Long She Has Been Married?

Margaret Hoover has had a very successful career as a writer and media figure. She not only hosts Margaret Hoover’s PBS program Firing Line, but she also contributes to CNN as a political pundit. John Avlon, Hoover’s husband, is a senior political commentator and fill-in host for CNN.

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Margaret Hoover Husband Once worked as Rudy Guiliani’s Principal Speechwriter

There is a reason why John Avlon has held so many notable roles during the course of his career as a journalist and political analyst. Avlon was hired as Rudy Guiliani’s main speechwriter when he was still the mayor of New York City.

Avlon was assigned the assignment of writing the eulogies for the first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

Who is Margaret Hoover Husband? How Long She Has Been Married?

Avlon also produced “The Resilient City,” a piece of writing that was later hailed as “the best essay produced in the wake of 9/11.” Along with writing multiple books, including Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America and Lincoln and the Fight for Peace, Hoover’s spouse is a 17-time winner of journalism honors.

Avlon served as Managing Director at The Daily Beast before joining CNN

Avlon contributed his skills to The Daily Beast between 2013 and 2018, serving there as managing director and editor-in-chief. Avlon assisted the website’s traffic “more than double to over one million readers a day” when he was there, according to CNN.

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How long have John Avlon and Margaret Hoover Been Wed?

Herbert Hoover, the 31st president of the United States,’ great-granddaughter Margaret Hoover, and Avlon were wed in 2009. The two first spoke in 2008 while Guiliani was running for president, according to The New York Times. Avlon continued to support the then-mayor’s campaign at that time while serving as his wordsmith.

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Hoover took a plane to New York to attend an interview for a position on Guiliani’s campaign staff. Even though she was in a “unhappy relationship at the time,” Annie Dickerson allegedly said that “Ms. Hoover was the woman Mr. Avlon would marry” before Hoover and Avlon had the chance to meet.

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The New York Times reported that when the two did finally get to meet, Avlon “was struck by the totality of her.” As the narrative of their first meeting went on, it started to resemble a romantic comedy.

Since Hoover could not find a hotel room, the two decided to spend the evening together despite their disagreement about how they should regard marriage after going out to eat.

The two started dating soon after they first met and finally got married. They welcomed two children a few years after exchanging vows: a son in 2013 and a daughter in 2015. The two appear to be happy together despite having relatively different political views (Hoover is a conservative, while Avlon is an independent).

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