Mark Geragos Net Worth In 2023: Cain Velasquez Splits From The Celebrity Attorney

Mark Geragos Net Worth: As you all know Mark Geragos is a well-known criminal defence lawyer who has earned a massive net worth throughout his career. In addition to this he is also a widely recognised producer and is half-Armenian and half-American.

Mark Geragos is a partner of the law firm Geragos & Geragos in Los Angeles. He has defended a wide variety of people in the court of law such as Susan McDougal and Winona Ryder. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Mark Geragos Net Worth.

Mark Geragos Net Worth

Mark Geragos is a criminal defence lawyer and producer who is Armenian-American and has a net worth of $25 million. Mark Geragos is a partner of the law firm Geragos & Geragos in Los Angeles, and he has represented a number of famous people. Mark defended Bill Clinton’s one-time business partner Susan McDougal, resulting in a presidential pardon for her in the early 2000s.

The actress Winona Ryder, who was nominated for an Oscar but didn’t end up winning, retained Geragos when she was accused of shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of stuff in Beverly Hills and ultimately received a sentence of therapy and probation.

Mark also represented accused murderer Scott Peterson and worked for Michael Jackson during the pop star’s molestation trial. Peterson was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death, while Jackson eventually fired Geragos. Mark Geragos net worth increased due to his career. You can also read Bettie Page Net Worth.

Mark Geragos Net Worth
Mark Geragos Net Worth

Cain Velasquez Will No Longer Be Backed In Court By Mark Geragos

Cain Velasquez, a former MMA fighter who is accused of chasing and shooting at the man who is accused of molesting his child, has decided to replace celebrity attorney Mark Geragos with a local attorney to lead his defence.

Velasquez had a prominent legal team up until his preliminary examination this past fall, led by Geragos and including San Jose defence attorney Renee Hessling. You can also check Robert Townsend Net Worth.

On Wednesday, Velasquez confirmed in a San Jose courtroom that he would be represented exclusively by Hessling moving forward. On March 8, he will have his next court date.

Velasquez’s attorney Edward Sousa made an unusual appearance at the arraignment in November, which may have been a sign that the defence strategy was about to shift. Even though Geragos and Alexandra Kazarian had been integral to the defence team up to that point, Sousa only brought up Hessling.

Neither Hessling nor the Geragos firm immediately responded to requests for comment from this news organisation following Wednesday’s hearing regarding the change in legal representation.

After initially being rejected by county Superior Court Judge Shelyna Brown and the Sixth District Court of Appeal, Geragos finally succeeded in November in having Velasquez released from jail custody with bail and supervision conditions. You can also look at Bob Dole Net Worth.

Judge Arthur Bocanegra granted Velasquez $1 million bail and monitored release after the preliminary examination found probable cause to proceed with the trial, and later allowed him to travel out of state for a wrestling event because it was related to his employment as a professional fighter.

On February 28, Velasquez is accused of opening fire on 44-year-old Harry Goularte Jr. as he was being driven from Morgan Hill to San Jose by his mother Patricia Goularte and stepfather Paul Bender to get fitted for an ankle monitor at a county office. After a lengthy car chase, a confrontation occurred in which Bender was injured. You can also check Raymond Burr Net Worth.

Goularte Jr. was arraigned on a felony charge of a lewd and lascivious act with a child three days earlier. The charge was based on claims that he abused Velasquez’s son at a home daycare in San Martin that was run by his mother. Despite the prosecution’s opposition, Goularte Jr. was given supervised release.

If found guilty, Velasquez could spend the rest of his life behind bars. While fighting out of San Jose, Velasquez won two UFC heavyweight championships, but his attorney, Geragos, has claimed in previous court filings that his client has suffered from impulse control issues and brain injuries as a result of his MMA career. You can also read Robert Englund Net Worth.

Velasquez’s defence team has hinted that they will use proxy litigation to challenge the sexual-assault charge against Goularte Jr., arguing that Velasquez is acting because the criminal-justice system failed his family. Although Velasquez has filed a civil suit against Goularte Jr. and his parents for the alleged sexual abuse, the case has been put on hold while the criminal case is resolved.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Mark Geragos Net Worth. He has amassed a substantial fortune by 2023, as measured by his recent net worth. Mark Geragos net worth was significantly impacted by the representations he made in the court. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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