Maury Povich Honors the Legacy After Jerry Springer’s De@th, “Friendly Rival”

The late Jerry Springer, 79, p@ssed away from pancreatic cancer on Thursday, April 27. Maury Povich remembers him. In an exclusive interview, Povich said he was “absolutely shocked” to learn about Springer’s p@ssing and reflected on how the two had been “friendly rivals” on daytime television before becoming friends.

Jerry and I have worked for the same company for the last twenty years, and he just said, “We were all rivals but at the same time. “For the past 10 or 12 years, we have also recorded in the same studio. So when we ran into each other, we would talk about old times. According to Povich, Springer’s employees “loved working for him.”

They think the world of Jerry, and even Povich has said he’s entertaining to be around. I found him to be rather amusing. He has always seen humor in everyday life. The gags were also embarrassingly dated.

Maury Povich Honors the Legacy

While praising the ex-mayor of Cincinnati for always having a “smile on his face,” Povich also lauded Springer for his ability to differentiate between their respective talk shows articulately.

Povich said many people had asked him whether his program resembles Jerry’s. Here’s the thing, Maury, “Jerry often remarked to me. You, yourself, are the real deal. And I am the genuine article.” Even if I am genuine, Jerry, you are his, right? My comment was.

And when some media members ever inquired about the distinction between Jerry and me, he always said, “You got it right,” or words to that effect. I responded, “Well, he’s doing WWE, and I do real people’s stories.” He then responds You’re right! On my show, wrestling is featured.

You can also take a look at Jerry Springer’s net worth at his de@th below:

According to Jerry, television was not altered but instead politicized. Springer rose to prominence as the host of the syndicated talk program The Jerry Springer Program for 27 years, the reality show Judge Jerry for three years, and briefly as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

A close friend and renowned religious authority, Rabbi Sandford Kopnick of The Valley Temple in Cincinnati, told PEOPLE following Springer’s de@th that his “illness was sudden.”

Rabbi Kopnick visited Springer and observed: “He hasn’t been sick for a long time.” He had cancer for a short time before succumbing to it.

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