Max Mayfield Season 3: Played By Sadie Sink Is More Than A ‘Broadway Girl.’

Max Mayfield Season 3: In Season 2 of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” Sadie Sink (“Fear Street Part 2: 1978”) plays Max Mayfield, a gamer with a “closed off” demeanor whom Sink describes as “weird” yet “effortlessly cool.”

Max Mayfield Is More Than A Broadway Girl

Max’s introduction to “Stranger Things” in Season 3 shows glimpses of her troubled home life and Billy’s (Dacre Montgomery) cruel stepbrother, but also how she finds a place for herself in the endlessly eerie town of Hawkins, Indiana. The fourth season of “Stranger Things,” which is currently available on Netflix, provides the most in-depth look at the character to date, ushering in a terrifying new era for the “fierce” young skateboarder that could have fatal consequences.

Season four of the Duffer Brothers‘ smash hit, which blends teen drama, horror, sci-fi, and 1980s nostalgia, is set in 1986, just months after the abusive Billy is killed during the battle of Starcourt Mall. Max must fight not only fantastical creatures but also her own demons.

max mayfield season 3
max mayfield season 3

“Season 4 is when we really dive into the immense amount of pain that she’s in as a result of Billy’s death and the grief that she’s processing,” Sink said. “It’s really rooted in the guilt she feels towards Billy’s death, and she’s kind of put a lot of it on herself.”

Sink is content with the choice to delve deeper than ever before into Max’s “innermost thoughts” and “vulnerability” this season. Max’s most vital relationships are in a state of flux at this time, making the high school one of the worst possible environments in which to deal with the fallout of Season 3. Her ex-boyfriend, basketball player Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), is a jock.

In Hellfire Club, Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) are two friends who have succumbed to the influence of an older boy and become just as obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons as they were when they were younger. In contrast, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and the psychokinetically-enhanced Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) are located in Los Angeles, California. Reverting to her hermit ways, Max leaves herself wide open to the series’ new villain, Vecna.

Max’s mind becomes a literal battleground between her and the main bad guy of Season 4. The final two episodes of the season, airing on July 1, will increase her prominence, as “she’s put in a difficult position to step up as a leader in Episodes 8 and 9,” as teased by Sink.

“Everyone has different coping mechanisms, and for some opening up to others is really helpful,” Sink explains. “I think it could be helpful to Max, but it doesn’t operate like that for her. It’s easier to just avoid the conversation altogether and it’s what she’s done in the past: suppressed some of the scary emotions.”

For this reason, Max is a metaphor for the perils of retreating into oneself, whether for the sake of one’s mental health or in the face of monsters. Suppressing her emotions “ends up hurting her even more,” because “it catches up to her in a way where the feelings just become so dark,” Sink said.

“Max’s storyline this year feels really real, and hopefully (or not hopefully) people will resonate with it and see a little bit of themselves and maybe be inspired to persevere like her, given the odds within her family dynamic [and the] even crazier supernatural elements that aren’t as relatable,” Sink said. “Extreme circumstances where you feel like there’s no hope, but you still keeping pushing forward, as Max does.”

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