Max Verstappen Net Worth(2022): How This Person Become So Rich?

Max Verstappen’s Net Worth

Racing driver, Max Verstappen has a net worth of $60 million. His appearance at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix marked him as the youngest driver to compete in a Formula One race ever, at the age of just 17.

In 2021, he and Red Bull Racing won the Formula One World Championship. It’s no surprise that Max comes from a line of Formula One racers, as his father Jos was one himself.

Scuderia Toro Rosso was the starting point for Verstappen’s career in 2015, however, the Dutchman later switched to Red Bull Racing in 2016. His victory in the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix made him the youngest driver in Formula One history.

Max became the first Dutch driver to win the Formula One World Championship after winning the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. With 19 victories in Honda-powered cars, Verstappen has led the charge.

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Early Life

On September 30th, 1997, Max Emilian Verstappen was born in Hasselt, Belgium. When Max was a child, he was raised alongside a younger sister in a family that had a long history of involvement in motorsports. His father, Jos, was a car racing driver, and his mother, Karen, was a kart racer as well.

Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen is a national of the Netherlands, despite being born in Belgium. Another interesting fact about Max is that he drove in Formula One for almost one year before receiving his license.

When Verstappen was just four years old, he began his racing career in karting, where he would go on to win several championships. At the KF3 World Cup in 2010, he was runner-up to Alexander Albon in second place.

A lot of championships in international racing were already under his belt by the time he entered Formula racing at the end of 2012.


In 2013, Verstappen drove a Formula Renault car on the Pembrey Circuit for the first time. It wasn’t long after that he began testing Formula Renault vehicles and producing remarkable lap times. At the Florida Winter Series in 2014, he made his competitive debut.

max verstappen net worth
max verstappen net worth

It wasn’t long until he won several races before moving on to Formula 3. He competed in the F3 FIA European Championship for a single season, finishing third and winning 10 races. It was clear that Verstappen was ready to compete in Formula One at this stage.

Although he was offered a position with Mercedes, Max decided to join the Red Bull Junior Team in 2014. Later that year, at the Japanese Grand Prix, he became the youngest driver ever to compete in a Grand Prix Weekend, although he was only taking part in free practice at the time.

The following year, at the Australian Grand Prix, he became the youngest driver in history to make his World Championship debut. The previous record-holder was over two years older than Max at the time of the race. As a result of an engine issue, he was unable to compete in his maiden race.

Afterward, he finished in the top three in a few races until colliding with Lotus driver Romain Grosjean and flew straight into the barriers.  To cap off an impressive rookie campaign, Max Verstappen was named Rookie of the Year as well as “Personality of the Year.” He was also named “Action of the Year.”

For the Spanish Grand Prix, Verstappen took Daniil Kyvyat’s place at Red Bull after a brief stint at Toro Rosso. After winning that race, he became the youngest ever Formula One driver to do so.

As an F1 director, Charlie Whiting warned Max about his aggressive driving style during this time period. In the Brazilian Grand Prix of that year, he achieved the impossible and went from 16th place to the podium in just 15 laps.


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Max’s 2017 season was blighted by a number of player departures. Collisions and mechanical difficulties both played a role in several of these retirements. Verstappen, on the other hand, made significant progress by the end of the season.

A large number of mishaps and collisions occurred throughout his career in 2018. In the end, he finished fourth in the season, which was better than he had expected.

A third-place finish in 2019 helped him earn three victories and nine podium positions. Verstappen finished third again in 2020 after signing a contract extension with Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fought for the championship in 2021, with the latter winning after a last-lap overtake of Verstappen.

Earnings from Formula One

Formula One driver, Max is one of the world’s most highly paid drivers. In 2020 alone, he is expected to make $60 million.

Properties Owned

Max has been rumored to be living in Monte Carlo’s luxury penthouse for some time, although it is claimed that he rents it out. Despite the speculations, Verstappen claims that his choice of residence was not influenced by tax advantages.

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