In New ‘GLAMOUR’ Photos, Megan Fox is Unrecognizable to Fans: ‘I Thought It Was Kim Kardashian’

In Glamour’s European April 2022 issue, Megan Fox appears as an entirely different woman on the magazine’s cover and in the editorial images that follow it.  Fans had to perform a double-take because they thought they were gazing at Kim Kardashian.

Fans of Megan Fox Took to Instagram and Glamour UK

Fans of the 35-year-old Johnny and Clyde actress took to Instagram and Glamour UK to express their feelings about the actress’s likeness to the 41-year-old SKIMS founder, and they didn’t hold back! One follower inquired, “Kim Kardashian?” “Is it just me, or did anybody else immediately recognize this as Kim Kardashian? In other words,… OKAY THEN, I’m the only one another person added in.

Someone else gushed, “I thought it was Kim Kardashian,” in the comments underneath an image of a magazine cover, accompanied by an emoji of tears and laughter.

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In addition to the many comments praising Jennifer’s Body actress for her striking likeness to Kourtney Kardashian and her then-fiancé Travis Barker, which she will undoubtedly take as a compliment given their closeness to the Kardashian family, there were thousands of comments complimenting her voice and appearance in the accompanying interview.

Her Glamour Unfiltered video was accompanied by a comment from a fan, “She’s always been so unapologetically authentic, doesn’t shrink herself to be more digestible to others & I love that”. An additional fan said, “Absolutely stunning,” followed by the use of heart emojis, fire emojis, and other emoticons. As the fan continued, “She’s so articulate & intelligent & interesting I could listen to her talk for agessssss,” he said.

Megan Fox GLAMOUR Pics
Megan Fox GLAMOUR Pics

“She has such an impressive command of the English language. This person has such a great and genuine spirit,” a new one was tacked on. Another Megan fan exclaimed, “I loved every word of this,” “That was a really good interview! What a magnificent mind and soul you have, my dear,” Another fan screamed with joy. “A third admirer called Megan “my soul sister,” saying, “can echo & relate to everything Megan talks about!” Such an honest look into her soul was refreshing to witness” then an emoji of a peace sign follows.


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Due to Megan’s age gap from her fiancé, she was a major topic of debate. However, her comments to the magazine about “manifesting” the “Bloody Valentine” singer’s existence and feeling like she “made” him are still being discussed.

“He’s literally the exact physical type that I’ve been manifesting since I was four,” she said. “In addition, I’m four years senior to him. So, I’m quite sure I’ve made him. Who knows what he would have looked like or been like if it weren’t for my thoughts and aspirations that shaped him?”


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The Till Death actress, who has previously spoken openly about a mental breakdown she suffered at the height of her fame, also discussed her children, how ayahuasca helped her and Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, heal, and of course, her infamous comments about her and MGK drinking each other’s blood, which she made in an interview.

At her peak, Midnight in the Switchgrass actress remarked, “I wasn’t allowed to be a human because I was the subject of conversation and gossip and punch lines.” She also went into detail about how she felt “objectified” in the past.  “I’m not sure if objectification caused my breakdown, but I think it was more the relentless dehumanization and criticism and judgment that caused it,” she told the magazine.

“This energy permeates and penetrates me when so many people all across the world are thinking about you or harboring bad intentions for you. To do that, I lack the necessary perimeters and barriers in my life. The fact that I’m still a person hasn’t changed. I can still sense that I am somewhat brittle in that regard. As a result, it was difficult.”

Due to a strong support structure, Fox says she is now “much better equipped” to deal with fame and any unwanted consequences. “I suppose dealing with enormous amounts of celebrity the first time around is a trauma in itself,” Megan said.

“Also, if you don’t have a large family or a strong support network, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or lost in all of this. This is especially difficult for those who are fragile in any way.”

“As a result, I retreated and shut down a lot. So much better prepared now to deal with it and appreciate some of the experiences and not be so self-conscious and fearful all the time, I’m glad to say.” During the conversation, Megan spoke about how she dealt with Noah’s desire to wear dresses when he was just two years old, and how Brian Austin Green, her 48-year-old ex-husband, supported her.

Noah started wearing dresses when he was approximately two, and I acquired a lot of books that dealt with these issues and covered a wide range of what this means. Some of the books written by transgender children are included in the collection. You can express yourself via your wardrobe in any way you like in some of the books about how to dress like a girl. Not even in terms of your sexual orientation, Megan clarified the situation.

“Since they were infants, I’ve incorporated these practices into their daily routines to make sure that no one thinks they’re odd or unusual.”

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