Megan Moroney Proves She’s Destined For Stardom With Stunning Performance In Grand Rapids

When you witness a rising star’s opening set, you know you’re witnessing something exceptional. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know the sensation when it hits. It’s when a room full of strangers falls silent because they’re seeing an up-and-coming artist at their best. The moment’s uniqueness can’t be denied, like that of witnessing a shooting star. There will always be more concerts, but the night the audience became familiar with the performer is the one that will remain in their memories forever.

Megan Moroney Performs In Grand Rapids

This happened to Megan Moroney on July 23 at Elevation within The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as she was providing direct support for Chase Matthew.

Moroney is new to the country in almost every way. In February of 2021, she released “Wonder,” and in July of 2022, she released her debut EP, Pistol Made of Roses. Moroney has risen to the top of her field without the backing of a major label or team by relying heavily on her own initiative.

Her songs are successful because of the content itself, not because of any intensive marketing campaign. She has worked hard, mostly behind the scenes, and deserves any success she has achieved.

megan moroney
megan moroney

It’s hard to think of a better introduction to Moroney’s work than “Hair Salon” for those unfamiliar with her music. Moroney co-wrote the song with Ben Williams and Micah and Mackenzie Carpenter to celebrate the joyous celebrations and tragic breakdowns that may be overheard in a beauty parlor. This is the kind of storytelling that produced stars out as Kasey Musgraves and Miranda Lambert, who is also considered staples of the country-pop genre.

When Megan Moroney took the stage, all the residents of West Michigan knew about her was that she was going to be the opening act for Chase Matthew. It’s a thankless job for any creative person to open for someone who already has a devoted fan base. Even yet, Moroney, backed only with an acoustic guitar, swiftly calmed down the noisy audience. Everyone quieted down as she worked her way through a handful of songs from her brief catalog and two covers (one of which was an outstanding rendition of “Strawberry Wine”). It started with the ladies, who were clearly disregarding their dates’ attempts to strike up a conversation in the middle of a verse, and eventually spread to the guys as well. Even the dominant males in the audience were paying attention by the time she concluded “He Made Me Do It,” a song about a victimized woman explaining her case to a judge.

Midway through the performance, Moroney laughed and said, “I swear I’m not one of those crazy chicks. I just really enjoy spinning yarns.”

The crowd was most responsive to the new tune “I Love Me,” which has the potential to become a radio smash. This stomp-and-clap tune tells a positive story of self-love in the midst of heartbreak. Moroney makes a promise to love herself so she can stop looking for approval from others. She knows what she’s worth, and after her set, that night so did West Michigan.

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