Merlin Season 6 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Many More

Merlin is a British fantasy television anime drama series created by Julian Murphy, Julian Jones, Johnny Capps, and Jake Michie. The first season of the series was telecasted on 20th September 2008 and concluded on 13th December 2008 whereas the fifth season which is also identified as the concluding season broadcasted from 6th October 2012 to 24th December 2012 on BBC One. The series is produced by Shine Limited. The show was a huge success with a rating of 7.9 out of 10 on IMDB. But it seems like the creators are no more interested to recreate the series further since after the fifth season concluded they were asked if they are planning for season 6 and their answer was the fifth season is the final one and there won’t be any further season to the series and that statement broke many fan’s hearts. There were rumors that the creator will think of making season 6 if season 5 manages to make sufficient profits but then BBC also stated that the fifth is the concluding season of the series.

Still, since there are millions of Merlin fans who are still waiting and looking forward to the possibility of Merlin Season 6, Here’s Everything we know so far.

Merlin Season 6|Release Date

Well, the question is difficult to even predict since it’s more than 8 years after the last season was released and there is no ray of hope for season 6 yet. But still, there is a possibility that makers change their decision and decide to renew the series for season 6 after so many posts and requests on social media. So, stay positive and finger crossed.

Merlin Season 6|Cast| Whom can we see if the sixth season happens?

The central characters from the previous seasons loved by all and the possibility are they will come back only if the series gets renewed. Check the names below.

  • Colin Morgan in the role of Merlin, a young sorcerer
  • Bradley James in the role of Arthur Pendragon
  • Anthony Stewart Head in the role of King Uther Pendragon
  • Katie McGrath in the role of Morgana
  • Angel Coulby in the role of Gwen 
  • John Hurt in the role of Great Dragon
  • Richard Wilson in the role of Gaius

Merlin Season 6|Plot| What would be the next chapter if season 6 happens?

Since we already know that as of now it’s already announced that the fifth season is the concluding one so the prediction for the synopsis of season 6 seems to be impossible. But let’s take a quick recap of the plot of the series.


The story mainly revolves around the fabulous King Arthur and protagonist Merlin who is a talented and powerful sorcerer. Under the rule of Uther, Pendragon Merlin was restricted to continue practicing his powers for decades. In fact, he was not even permitted to use his supernatural powers and was asked not to reveal his powers to anyone but destiny had decided something else for him and he was destined to save the prince of Camelot. After that, a unique, strong, and trustworthy relationship grew between Merlin and Arthur and so he employed him as his personal attendant. This grand family series continued to thrill audiences by multiple ups and downs, by its strong central casting and adventures followed by all the constraints that came in between. The “Last Season” ended with a shocking and thrilling climax where we had seen that Arthur felt and realized the truth that Merlin always tried to save him and by the end, he took his last breath in Merlin’s arms.  After such a concluding season viewers wanted to see the continuation of the story but then it seemed like the makers got some other plan regarding the series. So, the fans can re-watch the past episodes that are available on Netflix, and just in case there are viewers who haven’t watched even a season yet they can check ratings first and then proceed further.

Merlin Season 6|Trailer

Unfortunately, no trailer can be expected currently after the announcement made by the creators. We hope they re-think their decision and come up with affirmative news.


Merlin always thrilled its audience and proved to be more loved by each season. After the official declaration made about no more seasons of the series, fans were disappointed and their excitement decreased but deep down they still hoped for a season 6. Currently, we just have to accept that there is no season 6 until a further change in the decision of the creators. We will keep you updated as soon as any news comes out, until then, stay connected.

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