Michael Schumacher’s Friend Gives Rare Updates

A close family friend of Schumacher, Jean Todt, shared that Michael will “slowly and surely improve” despite the serious sufferings. He predicted that Michael would recover soon. Michael Schumacher’s former manager has also revealed that the racer is making good progress, and he will recover soon. Both watched the F1 racing together at his home in Switzerland. But still, the manager and his family are in a dilemma about when he will start speaking or whether he will be available to speak or not. They are saddened that their hero is still struggling to communicate, and the manager said that his family members and friends are fighting as much as they can. Of course, our friendship cannot be the same as it once was just because there is no longer the same communication as it used to be.

What do we know about F1 legend’s devastating condition

A new documentary about the racing legend Michael Schumacher has reignited concerns and many criticisms. All this raised many questions about the Formula F1 driver’s health. 

As per the recent reports and interviews, Schumacher was on holiday with his family and was skiing in the Meribel resort of the French Alps. At the same time, skiing between Piste Chamois and Piste Mauduit where he fell and hit his head on a rock and succumbed to a serious head injury. At the time of skiing, he was wearing a helmet, and doctors said he would have died without one, but fortunately, it cracked in the impact and made the racer face a fatal head injury. 

There he was airlifted to Grenoble Hospital in France for the emergency treatment of Michael Schumacher. Due to a fatal injury, he was put into a medically induced coma and underwent two head operations to remove the blood and pressure from his brain. The treatment was called a “traumatic brain injury” by doctors who took much time to operate.

Schumacher’s Friend Gives Rare Updates

After six months of the incident, he was believed to have gradually come out of a coma, but the full recovery will take a long time. After the complete recovery, the racer was sent to University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, for rehabilitation, and later on, he was brought back to his home for further rehabilitation. Since then, he has been there in Lausanne. However, the health condition of the racer has been kept confidential, whether it is from the side of the family or the racer’s coach.

Updates on his health

As per the recent updates made in an interview, the racing legend is recovering day by day, and most probably, he will recover entirely in the coming years. However, his wife has restrained herself from disclosing all the stuff regarding the health of Michael Schumacher.

She did not disclose all the health stuff of Schumacher. However, she said she would be celebrating his 50th birthday along with his victories, records, and jubilation in a statement. Recently in an interview with his racing friend, he revealed that Michael is completely paralyzed and in a wheelchair. He disclosed that the racing legend is suffering from brain disorders, and he could not speak and had many memory problems. Still, another fellow of the racer Mr Streiff who also uses a wheelchair has disclosed that Michael is recovering and everything is getting better than earlier. However, something is still disheartening to his friend that he still could not speak properly.

The scarcity of official information either from his family or his fellow friends on the racing legend has led to plenty of speculations, some of which is not worth noting. Now, the fans are eagerly hunting to know whether the racer will be a part of the racing again or not, whether we will be able to see him again racing. However, the doctors have recently revealed in an interview that he is sitting, eating, taking baby steps, and he is in a vegetative state, which is sufficient for him as of now. 

Later on, in the coming years, he will be able to walk with the help of family members or stick. However, the team of the doctors have vanished off the speculations of the fans regarding him racing again that he will not be able to race again due to memory problems and taking him to participate again in the Formula racing will be quite difficult; however, the doctors have said that they are doing their best to make him race again.

Although, we are expecting him to see again racing in coming years and hoping for the best and praying for his health recovery. For more recent updates and news, keep visiting the blog, where we will share all the details of his health.

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