Microsoft DirectStorage Will Reduce the Game’s Load Time

Deployment of Technology in Games Is All That Is Required. New Windows features promised to speed up and possibly eliminate loading times for PC games were unveiled today by Microsoft.


Directstorage Can Now Be Used by Game Developers

Game developers can now start using DirectStorage in their latest titles with the SDK for DirectStorage. Microsoft announced that  “Starting today, Windows games can ship with DirectStorage”.

“This public SDK release begins a new era of fast load times and detailed worlds in PC games by allowing developers to more fully utilize the speed of the latest storage devices.” 

Xbox Series X’s game-loading Velocity Architecture technology is used to implement the new function. With today’s NVME SSD drives, DirectStorage is designed to take full advantage of the increased bandwidth.

According to Microsoft, even if a game is placed on an NVME SSD drive, the current storage APIs for PCs can cause loading difficulties. So the business established a DirectStorage API that has been tuned to speed up data processing and free up the CPU, resulting in faster load times and better performance.

Microsoft directstorage

“Any kind of storage device,” such as an HDD, can potentially benefit from DirectStorage, Microsoft says. When PCIe Gen 3.0 is released, NVME SSDs will be able to take advantage of the most significant advancements.

According to Microsoft, the “legacy storage stacks” in Windows 11 allow DirectStorage to perform better than it does in Windows 10. Added the company: “Stay tuned to learn about DirectStorage-supported games in the future!” The Forspoken API has already been hinted at in the future Square Enix game.

The DirectStorage SDK is available to download from Microsoft’s website for interested software developers.

“GPU decompression is next on our roadmap, a feature that will give developers more control over resources and how hardware is leveraged”, said Microsoft. It is also working on more techniques to free up the CPU during gaming sessions.

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