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Mike Tyson Networth 2022, Biography, Bankruptcy, Salary Per Year And All Latest UPDATES

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing Mike Tyson who had recently made to headlines when there was a certain discussion about his lifestyle and net worth. Mike Tyson had initially resigned as the world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990 and has been always considered the best heavyweight boxer in the entire era.

Mike had always made headlines no matter what the reason is. Earlier he was in news for his boxing accolades and also so his interesting lifestyle.  Tyson’s interesting career introduced him to various cultures making him also participate in movies such as man,  Rocky Balboa, and Hangover and also appearing as a guest in many TV shows such as The Last OG, Webster, How I Met Your Mother, and a lot more.

Mike made a comeback in boxing in an 8 split draw against Roy Jones Jr. Other than that you can catch up regularly with him in his new podcast named “Hotboxing with Mike Tyson”.  As a lot of fans were wondering about the net worth of Mike Tyson we have gathered everything you need to know below. So keep on reading further to know everything about your favorite Mike Tyson.

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What Is the Net Worth of Mike Tyson as of 2022?

As per the reports, the net worth of Mike Tyson is $10 million as of 2022. He had lost a lot of amount on lawsuits and spending unnecessarily. Overtime. These expenses also included expensive mansions cars and a lot more things including the big cats has kept. In 2003 it was announced that Tyson had a bankruptcy and he was in debt of $23 million. Recently after podcasting and his tournament with Roy Jones Jr he had increased his net worth once again.

Mike Tyson Networth

Mike Tyson’s Career and Earnings

Even after losing all his money and being in debt of million dollars, Tyson had managed to earn $375 million through all the future fights. Other than that he earned around $3.5 million for all these guest experiences on WWE Wrestlemania XIV. It is also believed that in his fight with Roy Jones Jr he had earned a total of $10 million through this fight.

Mike Tyson Endorsements

When Tyson became the world’s youngest heavyweight champion in 1986, he received endorsement deals from major companies such as  Nintendo, Pepsi, EA Sports, Eastman Kodak, and a lot more. However, later on, when it was revealed that Tyson was hitting his wife Robin Givens all the brands automatically started distancing themselves from having collaboration with Mike Tyson.

Later on, he managed to clear his public image by taking part in various TV shows and movies which helped him gain more endorsements. Some of his endorsements include ParimatchSmart Cups,  Manscaped, and CopperGel.

Mike Tyson’s House

Mike Tyson currently lived in Henderson, Nevada. As per the reports he had bought an 8148 square-foot Mansion in 2016 which was watched 2.5 million pounds.  Also, he had used one office Mansion as well for the Hangover movie. The Mansion used was Seven Hills Mansion’located in Las Vegas. Later on, Tyson had listed that house and sold it for $1.5 million in 2016.

Mike Tyson’s Investments

Other than having small business Ventures  Mike had also invested in all legal cannabis. Later on, in 2017 it was founded that the Tyson Ranch was sold for  £500,000 worth of marijuana every month.

How Did Mike Lose So Much Money?

Tyson also agreed that coming from a poor family he never understood how to manage his money. He was always a careless spender and had eventually bought all of the expensive houses, wild animals, and cars. He was even exploited by his promoter Don King and later on he sued King for a $100000000. In 1992 he had lost all the endorsements he was working on and he was sentenced to jail for six years rape and abuse but was released to Parole after half the term. Due to so much chaos, this heavyweight king has filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and it was seen that it was 23 billion dollars in debt

What Did Mike Tyson Spend Money on?

As discussed above Mike Tyson was a very heavy spender. He had bought cars such as a 1997 Bentley  Continental T, for $5 million, Jaguar XJ220 for 4.7 million dollars, and Bentley Azure which would have cost him $1.5 million. All the pet tigers he owns have caused him $60000 by tigers also around $4 million on his pets.

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