Step By Step Guide: Minecraft Potion Of Weakness

Minecraft Potion Of Weakness: Minecraft is the world’s popular game that encourages interaction, exploration, crafting, and creative thinking. There is always something satisfying about gathering, mining, and combining random items to create something different and functional. It involves the creation of weapons to furniture; one can develop many interactive components with the world. However, in this article, we will learn what Minecraft is and a step-by-step guide to making potions.

What Is Minecraft Potion?

Minecraft potion is a consumable item that offers a specific effect to the players. With potions, players can restore their health points, enhance speed, strength, and leaping. It can also be turned into the exact opposite, which includes penalizing speed, damage HP, and weakens the players’ resistance. Minecraft’s potion of weakness can be a little bit tricky, but the outcome is worth the experience of everything. It was relatively started as a simple sandbox game when it was released in 2009. However, the game has evolved in the past years and has included a lot more complex systems like Redstone circuitry, brewing, and equipment chanting.

Many players find this game complicated, but it is not as complicated as it seems. Once the players learn the procedure of making a single potion, it turns into an experimental activity with other ingredients to figure out what results in the creation by mixing with other potions. This article focuses on learning how to make new potions and guide them to create a Potion of Weakness.

Type of Craftable Potions

Now you are interested in studying the world of making a potion in Minecraft. It is the right time for you to understand potions’ basic concepts, including different types of potions having different types of effects. There are two types of potions; the first one is Minecraft Splash Potion of Weakness and Potions you can throw.

Most of the Minecraft potions have an Awkward Potion base meant to be consumed by the players. Every drinkable potion has a different effect and duration and is useless if thrown or, you can say, converted into a splash. At the same time, Splash potion is the best option to deal with damage or managing opponents. The outcomes are based on two aspects: either short-lived or lingering depending on the component’s items.

Base Ingredients And Potion Type

  • Gunpowder for creating Minecraft Splash Potion of Weakness
  • Nether Wart for creating awkward
  • Glowstone for tick potion
  • Dragon’s Breath for lingering Water Bottle
  • Fermented Spider Eye for Potion of Weakness

Secondary Ingredients

  • Bismuth for nausea
  • Silver for poison
  • Calcium for blindness
  • Cobalt for weakness

Step By Step Guide To Make Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft

Knowing how to make a Potion of Weakness Minecraft can become a lot tiring in the long-run process. But once you get the hang of the game, you will face no problem crafting your sleep. Here is the step by step guide to making potions:

Gather The Resources – Step 1

Ingredients are the first base of the portions and a player needs various components to create a portion, and the ingredients are those items that cannot be negotiated. However, there is an important concern: obtaining the ingredients can be a risky job. The five steps, which include earning the ingredients, are as follow:

  • You have to build a portal.
  • The next thing you have to do is to ender the underworld.
  • Moving further, you have to kill or defeat the monsters.
  • You have to look for Nether Fortress without getting lost

For the following step, you have to create a plan accordingly. Before moving further, you are highly recommended to make armors and weapons with enchantments and snowballs. You can also manage as many snowballs as you want to as they are highly best for blazed and ridiculously easy to craft. Once you are done, look for the closest Nether Fortress as soon as possible. You will find the ingredient at different places. The nether wart will be available in growing soul sand, which is the essential ingredient to make the potion. Here is a list of some of the base and secondary ingredients you need for making Minecraft Potion of Weakness.

Craft And Design Your Tools – Step 2

Once you find all the needed ingredients, you need to craft all the other necessary tools and resources. A brewing stand, glass bottles, blaze powder, and a cauldron are needed to make the component. Once the brewing process is done, one of the bottles present in the water in the brewing stand becomes the Potion of Weakness.

Use The Potion Of Weakness – Step 3

Once you get the Potion of Weakness, you can use it for various purposes. The significant use is to reduce the damage of melee. You can mix the potion with other ingredients such as golden apples to cure the zombie villagers.

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If a player wishes to increase their Potion of Weakness Minecraft’s duration, they can repeat the steps with Redstone, fermented spider eyes, and the Point of Weakness by replacing it with a water bottle. Besides, it is one of the best games enjoyed by thousands and millions of players, which is available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo
Switch, and Playstation 4.

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