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Greetings, gang! I have some tremendous reports to share with you. Modern Love, an Amazon Prime Video television series, has been renewed for a second season. So you might want to stock up on tissues in bulk, as the second series is expected to be even more tear-jerking. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Modern Love, it’s an eight-part anthology series based on the New York Times’ column on relationships, love, and the human connection. Modern Love is a unique collection of 8 story series on Prime Video which first premiered nearly two years ago. The episodes, which were inspired by writings from the Modern Love magazine, looked at love in New York City in a variety of ways, including bipolar dating and a gay couple adopting a newborn girl.

Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios, remarked in November 2019 upon announcing the great news that will increase our heartbeat:  the  series which displayed the changing face of “Modern Love,” and with everything we saw in the last year, it almost feels like it was somewhere in an earlier life. However, “Modern Love” has returned for a second season, intending to examine how we might connect with one another in the aftermath of everything that has transpired. 

When can I see Modern love for the second time?

The response to Modern Love has been phenomenal since its premiere. Every episode affects the heart in a new way, and it’s a show full of emotion and warmth. 

Modern love Season 2
Modern love Season 2

The show’s second season will go live on August 13, will feature three episodes set in Ireland (along with five in New York). 

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Modern love season 2- possible stars and star makers

Gbenga Akinnagbe, Lucy Boynton, Tom Burke, Minnie Driver, newcomer Grace Edwards, Dominique Fishback, Zo Chao, Kit Harington, Garrett Hedlund, Sophie Okonedo, Zane Pais, Anna Paquin, Isaac Powell, Marquis Rodriguez, and Lulu Wilson will star in the upcoming season.

Celine Held and Logan George will co-direct an episode, while John Crowley, Marta Cunningham, Jesse Peretz, and Andrew Rannells will each direct one. Season 2’s executive producers are Todd Hoffman, Trish Hofmann, and Anthony Bregman, as well as Choire Sicha and Caitlin Roper of The New York Times, with Sean Fogel and Miriam Mintz serving as producers. The co-producer is Daniel Jones, editor of the “Modern Love” column.

Details of the stories…

As of now, there is no word on what kind of storylines “Modern Love” will tackle in the upcoming season. Carney and the other writers have enough information to work with, since the Modern Love section has been issued every week since 2004, leading to a number of personal essays ready for the picking.

The first season featured a variety of love stories set throughout New York City. In the story “Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am,” Lexi (Anne Hathaway) squabbles with how to tell conceivable matches about her high bipolar disorder. In another, titled “When Cupid Is a Prying Journalist,” Joshua (Dev Patel), the founder of a dating service, and Julie (Catherine Keener), a reporter, pact over their stray affection while she interrogated him in an interview

When Season 2 was announced, showrunner John Carney issued a message, hinting at what was to come in the future season. “, he explained “Being permitted to move forward with ‘Modern Love’ is a fantastic chance for us to keep telling love tales while expanding the series into other cities and universes… Seasons after that can truly expand out and delve into the meaning of love in this confusing world.” The information about expanding to new cities corresponds to a recent story from Cosmopolitan, which stated that episodes would be set in locales like Albany, New York, and Dublin, Ireland.

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