Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth In 2022, Early Years, House of Fraser, Real Estate In Scotland and Much More

Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth: As you all must be aware Mohamed Al Fayed is a widely acclaimed Egyptian business tycoon who has extensive real estate holdings in several countries around the globe. In addition to being a businessman he is also a well-known philanthropist. His real estate holdings include Ritz Paris and Harrods. AI Fayed also owns the Premier League football club Fulham. He sold Harrods to Qatar in 2010 for $2.4 billion. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth.

Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth

Egyptian business tycoon and philanthropist Mohamed Al-Fayed has an estimated net worth of $2 billion. Mohamed Al-Fayed has extensive real estate holdings in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe. Among his many famous commercial holdings are the Ritz Paris, Harrods, and the Premier League football club Fulham, all of which he formerly owned. He reportedly received $2.4 billion from Qatar Holding in 2010 when he sold Harrods to them. Dodi, Fayed’s firstborn son, was romantically involved with Princess Diana and was killed in the same car crash that took her life in 1997.

Early Years

Mohamed Al-Fayed was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on January 27, 1929. Ali and Salah are the names of his two brothers.

Start Of His Career

Fayed entered the business field with the help of his brothers, with whom he started a shipping company in Egypt. The corporation eventually made Genoa, Italy, its new home base. After that, Fayed started working with Haitian president François Duvalier on a business venture to construct an oil refinery in Haiti. The collaboration, however, was short-lived and eventually dissolved. You can also read Curtis Sliwa Net Worth.

Following his move to England in the mid-1960s, Fayed saw his greatest commercial success. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, engaged him to assist renovate the city. To do this, Fayed founded International Marine Services and brought British construction firms including Costain Group, Taylor Woodrow, and Bernard Sunley & Sons to the United Arab Emirates.

Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth

Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth
Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth

House of Fraser

Fayed maintained and expanded his presence in England for decades. He and his brothers bought a 30% share of the House of Fraser department store chain in 1984, and then another 70% the following year. In doing so, Fayed acquired the prestigious Harrods department store. He had a public fight with industrialist Roland Rowland throughout the 1980s when Rowland attempted to take over Harrods. Harrods remained in Fayed’s ownership until 2010 when he sold the company to Qatar Holdings for £1.5 billion. You can also check Trumps Net Worth.


Fayed paid £6.25 million to acquire the Fulham football club in London in 1997. The goal he set for the team was to join the Premier League within the next five years. Fulham’s participation in European football by 2002 was a major accomplishment for Fayed that had been anticipated only for much later. The team reached the final of the UEFA Europa League in 2009-10. In 2013, Fulham was sold from Mohamed Fayed to investor Shahid Khan, marking the end of Fayed’s ownership. You can also go through Bill Ackman Net Worth.

Real Estate in Scotland

In 1972, Fayed made a major investment when he bought the Balnagown Estate in Easter Ross, Scotland. Over the years, he has spent over £20 million on the land, expanding it from 12 acres to its current size of almost 65,000. Moreover, he opened a hotel after restoring Balnagown Castle, which dates back to the 14th century.

Cash-for-Questions Affair

In 1994, lobbyist Ian Greer in London was suspected of bribing two Conservative MPs to ask parliamentary questions on Fayed’s behalf, a political scandal known as the cash-for-questions affair. After revealing that cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken had stayed at Fayed’s Ritz Paris hotel for free at the same time as a party of Saudi arms dealers, further controversy erupted. Two Conservative MPs were forced to resign in disgrace once the scandal broke, and the Committee on Standards in Public Life was established to prevent future instances of corruption. You can also go through Peter Cancro Net Worth.


In 1987, Fayed started the Al-Fayed Charitable Foundation to help disadvantaged, neglected, and deformed kids. Great Ormond Street Hospital and ChildLine are two of the organisations with which the Foundation collaborates. Fayed created the New School at West Heath for low-income children in Kent in the building that had formerly housed Princess Diana’s boarding school in 1998.

Dodi and Princess Diana

In 1996, after Princess Diana‘s divorce from Charles III, Fayed’s first son Dodi began seeing her. The couple was the focus of the media’s attention, and the photographers were always on their trail. Dodi and Diana fled the paparazzi in Paris in the summer of 1997 by racing out from the back of their hotel in a Mercedes-Benz S280. Dodi and Diana, along with their chauffeur Henri Paul, were killed in a car crash five minutes later in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. Fayed said that MI6 was behind the crash and that several members of the royal family were involved in the scheme. His notions of a global conspiracy were mocked and ultimately discredited.

Personal Life

After marrying Saudi Arabian writer Samira Khashoggi in 1954, Mohamed Al-Fayed divorced her in 1956. Together, they have a son named Dodi. Heini Wathén, a Finnish socialite, became Fayed’s wife in 1985. They have four kids: Jasmine, Karim, Camilla, and Omar. The youngest child is the CEO of EarthX and Earth Space Technical Ecosystem Enterprises and is also an environmentalist and publisher.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth. The Egyptian business tycoon has made his wealth through various sources. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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