Is Monsters Inc 3 Happening? Or Will the Show Continue on Disney+?

In 2001, Pixar introduced us to the monster team of Mike and Sulley, who forever altered our perceptions of monsters. As far as we’re concerned, our childhoods have never been the same. All the essential components are in place for a wonderful animation film called ‘Monsters, Inc.’.

It’s not just beautiful animation; it also contains a lot of heart, a lot of hilarity, and a lot of lessons about friendship and childhood. Everything about this will bring out the kid in you.

Before the release of “Cars,” Pixar was turning out a string of amazing animations, and this film was no exception. That being said, the film ‘Monsters, Inc.’ is pure gold in the Pixar veins.

Rather than telling a familiar story about monsters lurking under our beds and behind our curtains, the film reimagines it in a way that pushes our imagination in a new direction. When Mike, Sulley, and Boo say their final goodbyes, Pixar gives us the prologue we never knew we needed.

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At a time when Mike and Sulley were merely freshmen (fresh monsters?) in college, they were trying to figure out how they wanted to conduct their lives. Despite the fact that it received less praise from critics, the picture was a financial success.

Are Sulley and Mike going to make a comeback in the near future? It has been nearly seven years since their last appearance in “Monsters University.” The prequel Pixar offered us in ‘Monsters’ is less likely to see a sequel. However, there is a better chance that we will get to see them all again in a sequel to the original ‘Monsters, Inc.,’ though the wait may be long. Everything we know about it has been compiled here.


Monsters Inc 3 Plot

A new universe of monsters, Monstropolis, is introduced to us through ‘Monsters, Inc..’ Nighttime screams are collected by monsters such as Sulley (a scarer). Boo, a tiny girl, accidentally enters Monstropolis, upending the lives of Sully and Mike. As Sully and Mike strive to keep Boo out of the hands of the authorities, they set out on a journey to discover a method to bring her back to the human world.

The three of them develop an unexpected relationship as a result of the situation. When it comes to people, the monster duo discovers that not everything they thought they knew about humans was actually true.

Monsters Inc 3
Monsters Inc 3

This lesson is reinforced by the fact that laughter is far more powerful than screaming. The last reunion between Sully and Boo brings the film to an end as Sully momentarily assumes control of Monster, Inc.

Pixar’s lone prequel, ‘Monsters University,’ delves into the past of Sully and Mike. As housemates at the elite Roar Omega Roar fraternity on campus, they were attempting to fit in and achieve their aspirations of becoming successful scarers.

It’s possible that Pixar would revisit the early days of the couple in Monsters, Inc. in more detail if they do make a sequel to ‘Monsters University,’ but it’s exceedingly improbable. It’s more likely that we’ll see a sequel to the original ‘Monsters, Inc.,’ which was sorely needed. Boo’s adulthood would be a good time to introduce a sequel.

Monsters Inc 3 Cast

The original ‘Monsters, Inc. cast will almost probably return to reprise their roles in any future films in the franchise, whether they are sequels to ‘Monsters University or to the original picture. Like Mike Wazowski, John Goodman portrays James P. Sullivan and Steve Buscemi plays Randall Bogg in both films. Roz is played by Bob Peterson and Abominable Snowman by John Ratzenberger. In the event of a sequel, these performers would surely reprise their roles as the original characters.

Other performers like Jennifer Tilly, Nathan Fillion, and Joel Murray could appear if the sequel is to the prequel or the original. There will, of course, be a grown-up Boo in the cast, as well as more creatures.

Monsters Inc 3 Crew

There is no doubt that Pixar will be involved in the sequel. ‘Monsters, Inc.’ was Pete Docter’s directorial debut, and he also produced the prequel, so we can expect him to be involved in the creative process. As a long-time fan of the series, he’s made comments on the movie’s probable storyline.

Although he also serves as Pixar’s CCO, Docter is unwavering in his belief that the studios will only be producing new material after the success of “Toy Story 4,” “Incredibles 2,” and “Finding Dory” in recent years.

Monsters Inc 3 Release Date

To recapitulate, Pixar is actively working on original content and has a number of projects in the works. “Onward” and “Soul” were released in 2020, while three more untitled projects are scheduled for release in the years 2022. In other words, if Pixar decides to make a sequel to “Monsters, Inc.,” it won’t be until 2023 or later.

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