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Moonfall Poster Shows a Crashing Moon in Roland Emmerich’s Disaster Epic

We have been waiting for concrete details and secret photographs from the upcoming sci-fi film Moonfall as major fans of this sci-fi action flick. We are about to be too enthusiastic about this. The film’s marketing team recently took to Twitter to reveal a gorgeous new poster for the impending zombie apocalypse film.

In the poster, we have witnessed three astronauts interacting with the dark side of the artificial Moon in the epic final poster for Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall. We have seen astronauts flying above an artificial moon in the final poster for the upcoming film Moonfall. 

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Moonfall is the next massive action film which has been created by Roland Emmerich, who is best known for blockbusters like ‘Independence Day’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

After a mysterious figure pushes the Moon out of its orbit and into a collision course with Earth, a NASA executive, an astronaut, and a conspiracy theorist are forced to start on a humanity-saving adventure. Moonfall is set to premiere in theaters across the United States on February 4, 2022, according to official statements.

More Destruction and Violence is Yet to Come 

Moonfall trailers reveal that there is a lot more to come on the way rather than we have seen in the trailer and that a dark secret has been kept secret since humanity first arrived on its surface more than 50 years ago. 

The exact nature of what is going on with the Moon will probably remain a mystery to audiences until Moonfall arrives in theaters in early February, but one scene in the trailer shows Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, and John Bradley’s characters getting access to the Moon’s interior and exploring that it is hollow.


The trailer not only raises several questions and reveals some strange mysteries, but it also makes it clear that Moonfall would provide all of the violence and destruction that Emmerich’s movies are known for.

Trailer Reveals the Official Cast and the Scientific Tag

Fandango has released a new poster for Moonfall that reveals the film’s enormous scope by showing three astronauts face-to-face with the moon’s dark side. The three astronauts, who are most likely the major characters played by Wilson, Berry, and Bradley, are dwarfed by the celestial body’s sheer enormity, emphasizing that humanity is facing a threat unlike any other. 

The tagline of the poster reads, “In 2022, humanity will encounter the dark side of the Moon.” While the expression “dark side of the Moon ” normally refers to the side of the Moon that humans never see due to its rotational motion around the Earth, it also suggests that the Moon itself is hiding dark secrets in this case. 

It is unclear from either the Moonfall trailers or the new poster whether the Moon was forced out of orbit by an alien force or whether the Moon is a conscious being in its own right, but humanity will face destruction if it cannot be stopped.

Emmerich has built a reputation for making films about apocalyptic disasters, sci-fi action, and cosmic threats to humanity, and Moonfall appears to be the ultimate mix of all of these aspects. We have shared a brief description of the characters. 

Another Blockbuster is Ready to Hit Theaters

Moonfall, like his past films, is unlikely to win any major prizes, but it will be an amazing popcorn film and a wonderful theater experience for all the fans out there. According to the epic scale and effects of the heavy storyline, the recently published poster hints that IMAX will probably be the best way to experience the picture in the theaters. 

In the short clip, we heard audio of John F. Kennedy announcing the first landing on the moon where we only get a tiny glimpse of the Moon racing towards the Earth in the first clip. We watch major calamities take place over the world in a quick video, including:

The clip also gets a first look at Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry’s characters that play NASA astronauts.

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