Moss Book 2 Release Date Status and Trailer: Latest Update 2022

For those who enjoyed the first book, Moss Book 2, coming to PlayStation VR soon, seems like yet another enthralling adventure. This adorable mouse is eagerly anticipating its next adventure.

Moss Book 2
Moss Book 2

Moss Book 2 Release Date

Get your PlayStation VR headset ready because Moss Book 2 will be published on March 31, 2022, for PlayStation platforms. Polyarc intends to release Moss Book 2 on other VR devices as well, but it primarily wanted to concentrate on PSVR.

As soon as the studio’s employees are back, they will be working on porting their games to new platforms like the Oculus Quest.

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After playing Moss Book 2, you’ll come to know that it’s a much longer experience. Because the developer has promised that there will be more storytelling moments in the environment and more characters to meet, the suspense is higher than in its predecessor. In Polyarc’s view, it is “more cinematic.”

In addition, the game’s settings will become more interactive, and the grass will sway to your touch.

The creators of Moss Book 2 suggest that anyone interested in playing it should first play through Moss. However, there is a recap of the story at the opening of Book 2.

Moss Book 2 Trailer

If you haven’t watched the trailer for Moss Book 2 yet, you can check it out below!

Final Lines

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