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Mountain Monsters Season 8 Release Date Status: Is It Announced?

Mountain Monsters Season 8 is something that has hooked everyone to social media. Mountain Monsters Season 8 fans are eagerly anticipating its release. Below we have mentioned everything we know so far about Mountain Monsters Season 8.

One of the most popular reality television shows of all time is “Mountain Monsters,” which focuses on the fascinating topic of cryptozoology. An Appalachian group known as AIMS goes on a series of missions deep into the Appalachian Mountains, where they come face to face with a variety of strange creatures. Six strong, brave native West Virginian hunters and trappers are scouring the woods in search of strange creatures. The Bigfoot, the Wolfman, the Mothman, and the Lizard Demon are all examples of these entities.

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The show premiered on Destination America in 2013 and ran until its fifth season in 2017 on the network. The 6 and 7 seasons of Mountain Monsters have already premeired on the network. Now fans are eagerly clamoring for the news of Mountain Monsters season 8. To know about Mountain Monsters season 8, read on!!!

Mountain Monsters Season 8 Cast

Mountain Monsters stars John Tice, Jacob Lowe, Joseph Lott, Jeff Headlee, Willy McQuillian, and William Neff, all of the AIMS team. They play the six main and leading characters in the show. As cryptozoology experts, these hunters and trappers are well-versed in deciphering the evidence for legendary entities from folklore. They live near the Appalachian Mountains.

AIMS was established by Tice, Headlee, and McQuillian with the goal of locating and demonstrating the existence of mythical creatures on Earth’s surface. Bigfoot, Werewolf, Lizard Man, and Mothman are just a handful of the animals the group has tracked down.

mountain monsters season 8

Mountain Monsters Season 8 Storyline

The Appalachian Mountains, home to some of the most infamous and mysterious monsters, serve as the setting for the cult hit Mountain Monsters, which has gained a devoted following since its release. There have been more reported sightings of mythical creatures in this area than anywhere else in the United States. Also, in an effort to learn more about the veracity of these tales, “Mountain Monsters” follows a group of determined men as they set out to chase down one of these elusive monsters.

The Kentucky Wolfman, Lizard Demon, and Mothman are just a few of the frightful creatures that have appeared on the show. Before speaking with the locals, our heroes travel to the alleged hiding place of the said monster. They laid the final trap once they’d gathered enough evidence. Images and audio or video recordings provide visual proof of the beast’s existence. They embark on their final mission in the dark at the conclusion. When “folklore attacks and leaves a trail of evidence, this band of native West Virginian sons seeks the truth.”

According to the press release, “Before setting off, the AIMS team are given an old shoeshine box that belonged to their beloved late team leader, Trapper. While they are unsure of what the contents of the box mean, they know there must be more to it after finding an old picture of Trapper sitting next to a Tygart Valley sign. So, they hit the road equipped with the box and determination to catch Bigfoot.”

Mountain Monsters Season 8 Release Date

Mountain Monsters season 8 premiered on January 2, 2022, according to the official Twitter account of the show. Find out more about the AIMS Team and their charismatic leader, “Trapper” John Tice, on Discovery+ and Travel Channel at 10:00 PM EDT, the night.

Mountain Monsters Season 8 Episode Schedule

Every Sunday at the same time, there will be 10 episodes of ‘Mountain Monsters Season 8’.

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