MultiVersus: Season 1 Release, Battle Pass Cost and Latest News

Aug. 9 was supposed to be the release date for the first season of MultiVersus. On the other hand, the MultiVersus official Twitter page recently shared some disappointing news with its followers. According to a statement, season 1 and Morty’s release have been pushed back to an unspecified date. Everyone will be informed as soon as the release date has been set.

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Battle Pass Cost and Recent Updates

Season 1 will be released in due time, and they don’t want to cause any issues by releasing it earlier than necessary. Despite this, this news is disappointing. Season 1 Battle Pass details have shed light on what players can expect from the Season 1 MultiVersus Battle Pass if they decide to purchase it.

Season 1 of the MultiVersus Battle Pass is just like any other video game’s Battle Pass, so if you want it, you’ll have to buy it. The Battle Pass for Season 1 will cost 950 Gleamium, MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh confirmed on Twitter. In real money, that’s less than ten dollars. It costs $9.50 to get 1,000 Gleamium, so you can say that $10 buys you 1,000 Gleamium.

MultiVersus Season 1
MultiVersus Season 1

Tony Huynh has also confirmed that the Battle Pass will include 50 Tiers to try and collect. For Season 1 of the Battle Pass, we don’t know much more about what it has to offer at this time because of the delay. Preseason Battle Pass is currently offered in MultiVersus and is the closest comparison.

Only 15 Tiers are available in the Preseason Battle Pass for 300 Gleamium. As you progress through the 15 levels, you’ll earn XP, coins, and various other in-game items such as character skins and profile icons. We can assume that Season 1 of the Battle Pass will offer similar items, as that is what Battle Passes typically do.

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