Who Murder Sherry Black and What Punishment Was Given?

Sherry Black was murdered in 2010 while at work at her South Salt Lake company. Although Adam Durborow acknowledged killing Sherry Black as she was working at her bookstore, it took authorities ten years to gather sufficient evidence to bring an aggravated murder conviction against him.

On February 23, 2022, more than 11 years after Black’s family described what they lost and how tough it was for them, particularly in the ten years before Durborow’s arrest, the 30-year-old was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

They asked the judge to guarantee that Durborow would never be released rather than impose a sentence of 25 years to life. On November 30, 2010, Black’s husband found her body at their South Salt Lake home and company, B&W Billiards and Books.

Her husband said:

“For 11 years, I’ve had to live without Sherry. My life will never be the same. She was beautiful and caring as everyone has stated. What a wonderful woman she was. But I don’t have her anymore, instead I have the memory of coming home and finding her that’s what I have left”.

Sherry Black, 64, actively participated in the lives of her daughter, her six grandchildren, and her newest great-grandchild. She was expecting another great-grandchild, and her first grandchild had just arrived in Chile to start a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What Did the Grandchildren of Sherry Black Say to the Judge?

Some of Durborow’s grandchildren addressed the judge on February 23, 2022, to share how their grandfather had influenced their lives and how their mother had grieved for him. They requested a life sentence in jail without parole because they no longer wanted to worry about the whereabouts of the person who murdered their grandmother.

 Murder Sherry Black

The grandchildren were depressed that their children would not have the opportunity to spend time with their great-grandmother Sherry Black in the bookstore, where they could have learned from and been affected by her. Black’s grandchildren spent their childhoods near her and developed strong bonds with her.

Sheyy Black granddaughter said:

“No, we wouldn’t let evil win. We made a pact with ourselves and Grandma not to let the bad guys triumph. “My grandma’s body was stolen that day, but her goodness, her gentle strength and her desire to do good were kindled in all of us (who) loved her so passionately, and that light will never be dimmed, never”.

They are convinced Durborow will commit the murder again. They do not want another family to go through what they have, according to Black’s daughter Heidi Miller, who claimed her family recommended a life sentence without parole. According to her, Durborow brutally killed, assaulted, and dismembered her mother.

According to a statement sent by the family:

“While this sentence delivers a sense of justice, no punishment imposed can heal the pain or fill the void created by Durborow when he chose to take the life of our beloved Sherry”.

“Although he took her life, he could not take her soul which lives on and is part of the love, beauty, kindness and talents that her husband, daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will carry forward”.

“Her legacy is a gift to future generations. The life she led and the influence she had can never be taken away.”

Miller thanked the numerous individuals who had helped her over the years and her family, mainly her husband, Greg Miller, the former CEO of the Utah Jazz, for his unwavering support and encouragement whenever she felt down about the case’s lack of progress.

Miller said:

“I feel like we are healing. This is the dawn of a new day. We are going to put him behind us and we are going to do good things and we are going to remember her and we’re just going to focus on the positive and remember the great memories. We can just focus on the good now, and we will,”

Sim Gill, the district attorney for Salt Lake County, expressed his condolences to the Black family:

“This was not only a crime against a family, but also our community. Today a measure of justice was found. It is imperfect, but the best our system can do”. “Justice would be that they never had to suffer the loss of a loved one to begin with.”

The family would also like to thank Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera. Rivera has said that she and the other officers are happy to see justice being done. What she stated was:

“Unified Police Department and the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office are thinking of the Black and Miller families today. In collaboration with other agencies, our officers worked tirelessly to investigate this case and we are pleased to see a measure of justice be served in court this morning.”

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