My Brilliant Friend Season 3 Release Date Status, Trailer, Plot & News to Know

Welcome back fam!  We are here discussing the third season of My Brilliant Friend as its final trailer has been released recently and the trailer has given us a lot to think of. This trailer has taken view was in shock and has given them a lot to think about. 

This award-winning show was initially released on HBO and had been taken by the Neapolitan novel series.  The writer of the novel is Elena Ferrante.  The story of this is about two friends Raffaella Cerullo(as Lila) and Greco(as Lenu) and their 60-year-old friendship.  The entire series shows their life journey as they shifted to Italy during the ’90s and had been each other’s support system since then. 

Recently HBO has shared the release date of the third season in an official tweet done on the Twitter account of the series.  The third season was announced in 2021 and was directed by a new director.

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So we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the upcoming series of Lila and Elena. Keep on breathing for them to know everything about the cast, plot, trailer, and release date of the show. 

My Brilliant Friend Season 3 Final Official Trailer

Recently HBO has shared the official trailer of this series.  The trailer was released on 9th February on YouTube.  The total duration of the trailer is 2.0 3 minutes and it shows us a story of the Socio-Political situation in the life of Lila and Elena.  It also shows how they will grow older and move in their own path. 

The trailer begins by showing Lila and Elena in their twenties with a set of different goals and priorities after the second season. Here all the viewers are going to get a close-up of Lila and Elena in a completely different phase.  Elena would now be a very popular author and wife of a professor. 

At the same time Lila is not that lucky she would be working in a sausage factory and the surrounding of the factory was not very hygienic. This had caused severe changes in Lila’s health and she would be suffering a lot because of that.

My Brilliant Friend Season 3
My Brilliant Friend Season 3

By seeing Lila, Elena writes about the factory workers, and in the meantime, Lila started a worker’s movement in the factory. The scene then gradually changes and the two friends met again to discuss their lives. 

The last part of the trailer then showed a shift back to the personal life of the two friends. Elena in the last episode would be seen confused about her life and motherhood. In the meantime, Lila was very much shunned by her neighborhood and has started working on herself for a better life and better rights.

The trailer showed a dark time where both the friends will have to go through a lot of challenges along with this economic and social turmoil.

My brilliant friend Season 3 Release Date

As per the official sources of HBO, the 3rd season is going to be premiered on HBO Max and HBO starting from February 28, 2022.  This show is going to have a total of 8 episodes and will follow a plotline of the novel. 

The show would be aired starting from 10 ET and each episode is going to be of a duration of 60 minutes or longer. As of now, the show will be premiered only for the audience of the US.  but later on, it will also be premier for all the European audience within a few weeks.

My Brilliant Friend Season 3 Cast Details

The trailer of the show has shown a lot of details about the cast of the third season. It also seems that the cast of the second season is going to be back for this season as well.  This means Caia Grace is going to be back in her role as Lila.  Along with her, Margherita Mazzucco is also going to be back as Lenu.

Director Luceti has even shared that the case for the previous season will be back. In April 2021, he had shared that he had chosen to keep a similar case. As it was very important to keep the same characters for this season.

See also said that he wanted the characters to grow in accordance with the maturity and their expression for the respective characters. He even added that he has also added that they had built a very strong case for the show. 

All other cast members of the show are going to be back with their characters as well.  The list of the characters includes Immacolata Greco, Elena’s mother( by Anna Rita Vitolo), Imma Villa, Nunzia Cerullo, Lila’s mother( by Valentina Acca), Fernando Cerullo, Lila’s father( by Antonio Buonanno).  Other than these characters some new characters might also be added to the show.

My Brilliant Friend Season 3 Plot 

This show is has a very unique plotline which had gained a lot of attention from the fans.  This upcoming season is directed by Daniele Luchetti. The director of the show had shared or detailed explanation about the plotline of the upcoming season in an interview. 

That he had tried to put the main characters in a situation where they had no freedom at all.  The actual type of freedom that all American cinema had in the 1970s has been shown here. He even had arranged for a special staff to get all the actors to train so that everything works out accordingly.

Luchetti had very carefully showed a lot of details in the series from the ’60s which also included the Neo-realist movie-making style and how the workers’ movement has been done from that time. The trailer also showed his work and the style of cinematography he had used in reference to the 1970s style.

After the trailer continues it looks that the season is going to focus more on how these two friends would be with each other during this unstable time and how were their solve their problems as adults in this season. 

So do not forget to watch this series and let us know down in the comments below your views regarding the same.  Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters. 

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