My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date Status, Production, Cast and Latest Updates

Are you ready for a Cinderella-themed anime story? Rather than huge pumpkin chariots, glass slippers, or fairy godmothers, this will star the adorable couple from the My Happy Marriage anime, Miyo and Kiyoka.

In the show’s plot, a noble-born abused woman, Miyo, and a cold-hearted soldier, Kiyoka, are arranged to be married. Regardless of the conditions, the two eventually open up their emotions to each other in order to maintain a peaceful relationship.

Akumi Agitogi, the author, and Tsukiho Tsukioka, the illustrator, collaborated on the original My Happy Marriage series as a light novel. Japan’s most popular voice actors will be included in Kinema Citrus’ anime adaptation.


Release Date for My Happy Marriage Anime

On April 5, the anime adaptation was formally announced as a project in development. However, the animation studio has yet to announce an official release date.

Animation Studio for My Happy Marriage Anime

Animation studio Kinema Citrus has been chosen to produce the Watakon anime version of My Happy Marriage (also known as Watakon).

My Happy Marriage
My Happy Marriage

Takehiro Kubota will direct, with Shoko Yasuda designing the characters and Evan Call composing the music.

In addition to those already mentioned, the following individuals will work on the show:

Takao Abo (Supervision and storyboards)
Ami Sato (Scriptwriter)
Takahito Onishi (Scriptwriter)
Momoka Toyoda (Scriptwriter)

Characters and Voice Actors of My Happy Marriage Anime

One of the series’ central characters is Miyo Saimori Miyo. After her mother dies, she suddenly finds herself living with a terrible stepmother and stepsister in the Cinderella-like world.

Kiyoka Kudou, a distant relative, is chosen to be her husband by her family. He’s a military captain rumored to be a cold-hearted groom.

Trailer of My Happy Marriage Anime

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can check it out below.

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Final Lines

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