Napoleon Hill Net Worth 2023: The Greatest Self-help Scammer Of All Time

Napoleon Hill Net Worth: American novelist Oliver Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883 – November 8, 1970) wrote several books on personal development. Think and Grow Rich (1937), one of his books, is one of the best-selling self-help books ever. Hill wrote extensively on the importance of having high hopes for one’s future. The majority of his works were marketed as expounding fundamental “success” ideas.

Napoleon Hill Net Worth

Napoleon Hill Net Worth
Napoleon Hill Net Worth

When Napoleon Hill passed away, he was valued around $10 million. Some say he has more credibility than any other author in the field of self-help and personal development combined. Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt both relied on him for advice. His book, “Think and Grow Rich,” has sold over 15 million copies throughout the world, making it a top seller in the business genre.

He spent 20 years of his life doing in-depth interviews with influential folks from all areas of life. He published several books with his findings, which brought him notoriety and wealth.

Rosa, his wife at the time, was instrumental in his writing Think and Grow Rich. Andrew Pelton’s book quickly rose to prominence as the industry standard on how to better oneself. After their divorce was finalised, Rosa received all of the book’s revenues.

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American Funk, a recent “Keys to Success” course alum, arrived promptly to her Zoom interview. At the age of eighteen, Funk was a senior at Eastside High School in Wise County. After hearing a lecture at school on the program “Keys to Success,” Funk thought it may be useful for her photography company.

The aspiring businessman attended the self-paced, online course during his own time and after work. She added, “As a business owner, I’m always establishing new and distinct objectives for myself and my company.” The most useful thing I learned was how to make objectives and then follow through with them. Taking this course has changed my perspective and the way I approach these objectives.

Us-based Napoleon Hill Foundation Partners With Mumbai’s Think And Grow

City of Mumbai (Maharashtra), India Thursday, October 22 (ANI/PNN): The Think and Grow Rich Academy in Mumbai is the sole Indian business authorised to provide coaching, training, and licencing by the Napoleon Hill Foundation in the United States.

Access the secret success formula that has created more millionaires than any other success method in the world at Think and Grow Rich Academy, which provides world-class programmes for professional and personal development.

“We aim to significantly improve and change the lives of millions of people by improving the quality of their thoughts, developing a winning mindset, and shifting their paradigms to achieve the grand success viz. Health, Wealth, and Happiness that each person truly deserves,” says Sidharth Shah, Founder and CEO of Think and Grow Rich Academy.

Napoleon Hill, The Greatest Self-help Scammer Of All Time

Many people are unaware that Napoleon Hill is the most well-known con artist in history. The author of one of the most popular self-help books of the 20th century, Think and Grow Rich, Hill was born into poverty in rural Virginia at the close of the 19th century.

Indeed, he was instrumental in the development of the subgenre. What makes Hill so intriguing, though, is the secret tale of his dishonest financial dealings, sleazy sex life, and participation in a New York cult.

During the 1930s, this cult gained notoriety for its efforts to nurture an “immortal infant.” People who are familiar with the story of Immortal Baby Jean may not realize that Hill’s teachings were a major influence on the cult, or that they treat Hill’s most well-known work as a kind of bible. It’s okay; Napoleon Hill’s backstory just gets stranger from here on out.

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