Did Natalie Divorce Speculation True? Explosive Details Revealed!

Mike and Natalie’s relationship on 90 Day Fiancé has been rough, and there have been rumors about what will happen to them. People have been talking a lot about the possibility of a split between the two. Now, shocking facts have come to light that show how true the rumors were.

Even though they have had a rough past and fight on-screen, current reports say that as of April 2023, neither Mike nor Natalie has done anything to start the divorce process. Court records show that no divorce papers have been filed either in Washington or in Florida, where Natalie now lives. Dive into this exciting story to find out the shocking truth about Mike and Natalie’s uncertain future.

Truth Behind Natalie Divorce Story

Mike and Natalie’s separation from one other d@tes back to early 2021. We can confirm that as of April 2023, neither Mike nor Natalie have initiated divorce proceedings. The court records show that they have not filed any documents in either Washington or her new state of residence, Florida.

The native Ukrainian had an unsettling encounter with Trish on the morning she and Mike were to fly back to their Washington, DC, home. Natalie arrived at the gate ahead of Mike and Trish, bypassing her mother-in-law without so much as a goodbye. Since then, things have been getting increasingly tense between Mike and Natalie.

Mike and Natalie’s combined confessional interview in July 2021 episode ended in a major breakout argument. Mike became angry when Natalie brought up his mom’s alleged “hooker” statement and he requested she call his mom to clear the situation.

Trish denied making any such remark about Natalie being a “hooker.” When Natalie asked Trish how she really felt about her as a daughter-in-law, Trish said she was furious with her because of the way she treated her son.

Natalie Divorce

Mike’s bombshell came after Trish had hung up when he said that he and Natalie had gotten into a violent disagreement on Christmas Eve, 2020, and that Natalie had then gone to visit with her friend Julia in Seattle.

Next, the Sequim, Washington native admitted that after Natalie had already departed, she had given all of the gifts he had purchased for her to a mutual friend. “Who did I marry, Natalie? I’m being loving and supportive towards you, but you [are] disrespectful, don’t care, rather hang out with your friends all night.

He added that she preferred to spend her time with her friends. Natalie said she had her own room at her friend’s house and stayed there for three weeks since she and Mike “fight a lot” and Natalie still thinks Trish called her “names” even though Trish has denied it. Mike left the scene in a huff when their fight escalated further.

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Do Mike and Natalie Have Other Relationships?

In subsequent seasons of the Discovery+ offshoot 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie documented her return to the d@ting world. She went on numerous d@tes before meeting Josh Weinstein, the CEO of a modeling firm and a potential long-term suitor.

D@ting allegations between Mike and Marcia, a former cast member of the Rock of Love Bus, have surfaced.  In August of 2022, she posted, “Such an awesome weekend!” accompanied by photographs from their busy weekend in Vegas, adding the hashtags #GreatWeekend and #MissYouAlready. “Sad it’s over, will see you soon.”

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