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Natural England Revokes General License to Control Birds

Pest” chook species akin to crows, woodpigeons, and jays cannot be freely killed in England after the federal government’s conservation watchdog revoked the license allowing it.

The transfer by Natural England got here after several challenges to the legality of the “general license” by a brand new environmental organization, Wild Justice, created by conservationists Mark Avery, Ruth Tingay and Chris Packham.

Natural England plans to introduce a legal system of licenses to permit 16 species of birds, including rooks, magpies, Canada geese, and migratory parakeets, to be controlled. Meanwhile, anybody wanting to regulate these species should apply for a license, as they’re required to if in search of to kill different protected bird species.

Wildlife campaigners have greeted the choice, which got here on Tony Juniper’s first day as the new chair, with delight, however many farmers – and a few conservationists have been disappointed.

“England’s statutory nature conservation organization has been proven to be permitting folks to interrupt wildlife legislation for many years.”

Natural England’s serving chief, Marian Spain, stated: “We recognize this transformation will trigger disruption for some individuals; however, we’re working arduous to make sure it’s resolved.

Farmers and landowners stated the timing of the revoking of the license passed at the worst time for shielding livestock akin to lambs, crops – and a few wildlife.

Deputy president of the National Farmers’ Union, Guy Smith, stated it had “critical concerns” in regards to the abrupt withdrawal of these general licenses.

“They’re completely needed at this time when crops are significantly vulnerable to pests. For instance, a flock of pigeons may decimate a farmer’s field of crops,” he mentioned. “It’s extremely disappointing that farmers and growers discover themselves in this place, specifically at this time.”

Avery stated Wild Justice’s problem had only sought to halt the general license from the subsequent year, and mentioned Natural England might have better timed its decision, so farmers and conservationists had extra time to fill applications for individual permissions.

According to the NFU, Natural England will draw temporary measures to permit for the control of these 16 bird species from 29 April previous to its broader evaluation.


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