naturists on bicycles to protect cyclists and the planet

(Rennes) About fifty naturist cyclists took part in a “cyclone” Sunday in Rennes, a walk in the simplest device, to warn of the vulnerability of bicycle users and to convey a message for the planet.

Posted September 13, 2020 at 11:31 AM

France Media Agency

The event, organized by the French Federation of Naturism (FFN), had been authorized by the prefecture, on the condition that the route bypasses the hyper-center of the Breton capital.

Gathered around a picnic in a park in the north of Rennes, the naturists were greatly hindered by parents hostile to the demonstration when they took off their clothes, an AFP photographer noted.

Before departing leisurely around 2pm in a procession, accompanied by the police, over a 14km two hour loop, in a concert of bells and foghorns, provoking the applause of the curious.

‘Stop Ecocide’, ‘Love’, ‘No climate, no chocolate’ or even ‘Little Rennes is fragile’, we could read on the whitewashed bodies of naturists, the vast majority of them men, some with masks, or clothed in caps or hats.

For this first “cyclonudista” – as these events are called, the first of which was held in Spain in 2001 – two other events were to be held on Sundays in Lyon and Paris and were banned by the prefectures.

“It is truly a wake-up message for climate emergencies and the sixth animal extinction event. With the 38 degrees in the joint circle, burning everywhere, we cannot go any further. Outside the planet, they are people in danger, ”Jean-François Feunteun, co-organizer of the“ cyclonue ”in Rennes, told AFP.

The naturists were pleased that the demonstration in Rennes was maintained.

“Being naked has ceased to be a ban since 1994, the penal code reform put an end to the article of public disregard for indecency. Being naked is not an assault. Fundamentalists of all kinds need to understand this, ”added Mr. Feunteun.

The event was supported by the Brittany federation of France Nature Environnement which shares “values ​​in the field of cycling”, “awareness of climate change” and “the opportunity for everyone to campaign for the protection of nature” and has easier access to cycling in the city, ”said Benoît Bronique, federal coordinator for Brittany Nature Environnement.

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