NCIS Season 19 Gibb’s Mystery Solved: What Happened to Him

Everyone wants to know what happened to Gibbs after his boat exploded eagerly. According to rumors, Gibbs has returned, but he’s a bit caught in another dilemma. He’s going to strange places now that he’s presumed dead. In recent interviews, Executive Producer Steven D. Binder has discussed how Gibbs is returning to his roots.  

After the shocking events of the May finale, Gibbs finally made it to land, only to discover that a large plank of timber had pierced him. The moment Gibbs saw the cut, he staggered back into the water and sank to his back, bleeding profusely. After last season’s cliffhanger, fans have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of NCIS Season 19, which began airing on CBS in September. Outside of the show’s plot, a lot has changed. NCIS will air a new episode on a different schedule other than previously, and a new spin-off will join it. 

What’s new in NCIS season 19?

NCIS is about to have some new members join the team. Katrina Law and Gary Cole’s Jessica Knight (Gary Cole) and Alden Parker (Katrina Law) join the cast as special agents who will cause a stir. It’s unclear whether Parker will turn out to be an ally or an enemy for Knight after the emotionally traumatizing events of her entire team being blown up. What happens next in season 19 will have to wait for now.

Season 18’s deadly cliffhanger

NCIS’ series finale declined some significant hints about the show’s future, both literally and figuratively. Season 18, Episode 16, “Rule 91,” focuses on two different storylines: McGee, Torres, and Bishop go after gunrunners while Gibbs and Marcie investigate a serial killer, and each point ends with a major revelation with significant ramifications. 

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Since he was put on leave, Gibbs worked hard to save Phineas, improve his house, and construct a boat. He also admits that he has no plans to return to NCIS and has instead devoted his time to helping Marcie, a young reporter he met on the show. 

Gibbs completes his boat in time for the end of the episode. A possible dropped body left by their serial killer necessitates him to travel to the far side of a lake to search for it. Consequently, he prepares for his maiden voyage by loading up the boat with his possessions. After that, the boat detonates, but Gibbs escapes unharmed. After a few seconds of idly floating, he dives deep and disappears. By trying to kill Gibbs so openly, he must think he and Marcie are close to finding their assassin. 

Even though Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) survived the explosion on his boat, that doesn’t mean he’s fine. As NCIS Season 19 begins, there’s still the matter of that serial killer he’s been looking for and now appears to be hunting him, given what happened to his boat. When Gibbs does manage to swim to shore, however, he discovers that he’s been impaled in the side, and he collapses in the water, with a feeling like he’s almost dead. When McGee and Torres discovered and probing the wreckage of a tiny sailboat belonging to an “LJ GIBBS,” Gibbs appeared, stitched up and trapped inside a weird cabin. He struggled to free himself, but he was overcome by the anguish of his new wound and discovered a lady hovering before him, armed with a gun.

NCIS season 19
NCIS season 19

Someone has bandaged his side in the barn where he wakes up, and the door is padlocked. Just as he’s about to force open the door, Thelma, a new entry in the game,  appears and shoots him. Her retired veterinarian husband, Virgil, was the one who patched up her hubby’s wounds. When they found Gibbs, his boat exploded, and he insisted “no cops” before passing out; Thelma assumed he must be involved in something (possibly a local gang). Gibbs appears to be more trusting than Thelma.  Gibbs doesn’t care if Thelma shoots him because he’s too busy calling his friend (Marcie) to warn her that she’s in danger to care if she shoots him.

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But when they believed his tale, Thelma and Virgil shared with Gibbs about the grocery delivery girl who had vanished. Lonny, her boyfriend, is verbally and physically abusive, and he’s a local gang member. Despite Virgil’s concerns that a sliver of wood lodged in his side could cause internal bleeding, Gibbs heads to the north shore (where gang activity abounds and where the serial killer dumped his latest victim) on Thelma’s rifle and the couple’s motorbike. Time’s to see what happens next. 

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