Over a 500 Million People Played ‘Among Us’ in November

It’s a great feat achieved by developers of ‘Among Us’, a mobile game that rapidly went viral worldwide. It has beaten Pokémon GO and Candy Crush Saga in terms of a mobile game with the most monthly players. 

Nielsen released a report that has a list of top games in November 2020. As per the Nielsen report: “Among Us had roughly half a billion monthly active users in November. The title is now by far the most popular game ever in terms of monthly players. Among Us is not heavily monetized, earnings figures are comparatively smaller. The PC version (which has a $5 upfront price) accounted for the majority of revenue from August to November (64%) despite having a tiny share of the total player base (3% in November).”

Among Us’s a funny thing is that it is developed and managed by InnerSloth, a company of only four employees. That’s almost 125 million gamers per team member who is working on the project. Earlier the studio was planning to roll out a new sequel of the game, but they dropped the plans and instead decided to improve the existing version.

How Popular is ‘Among Us’

The game was so popular that even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t resist playing it and live-streaming it. Nielsen arrived at the figures by using multiple factors like ‘sales, event data provided by publishers, developers and payment service platforms.’ The game Among Us was released on Nintendo Switch recently, but it didn’t impact Nielsen’s numbers analysis. 

The amazing reach of Among Us to almost 500 million players suggests that if we want to ride onto the popularity wave, a free game running on mobile can be a good choice. There’s a PC version of Among Us that is only played by 3% of the total number of users. On the contrary, Cyberpunk 2077, the most awaited game of this year has sold 13 million copies after launch. 

The price factor also matters in this comparison, Among Us is up for free downloads on mobiles and costs about $5 for the PC version. However, not all of us are PC or console gamers; that’s why the market for mobile games is ever-expanding. The next challenge for the creators of Among Us is to keep afloat in this highly dynamic market by ensuring novelty to its players. InnerSloth is already working on adding new content and tasks to the game to ensure that players don’t get bored with the game. 

The InnerSloth’s marketing team set up a merchandise store online to satisfy hardcore fans and increase popularity, the goodies and other merch were sold immediately after going public. Not to mention that TikTok users and meme creators adored the game. The memes of Among Us were all over the internet in October.

 Do you like Among Us? If not, tell us why and what’s the mobile game that you like to play most. Tell us your favourite mobile games that are not popular in the comments. Make sure to follow us for more interesting news and updates from all walks.  

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