Netflix Perfect Match: Who Is Starring In Perfect Match?

Perfect Match, a new dating programme on Netflix, will include some of our favourite Netflix reality stars, such as Francesca Farago of Too Hot to Handle and Bartise Bowden of Love Is Blind, who are all giving love another go.

Featuring Love Is Blind’s Nick Lachey as host, Perfect Match takes its celebrity ensemble to a tropical island for a dating competition. On the 14th of February (we get it, Netflix), Perfect Match will be released, and here is all you need to know about the dating programme that will soon consume your life.

Netflix Perfect Match

Netflix Perfect Match
Netflix Perfect Match

Members of the casts of Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and The Circle, all of whom are now unmarried, will be competing for love in Netflix‘s newest dating competition, Perfect Match.

On the show, they travel to a tropical paradise in search of love. Each pair will face off against the other in a series of competitions designed to put their friendships to the test. We’ll break up the most compatible couples and set them up on dates with the newcomers.

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Who Is Starring In Perfect Match?

Members of the casts of many of Netflix’s most-watched reality shows will star in the series. Frenchie Fargo, Chloe Veitch, Chase DeMoor, Georgia Hassarati, and Izzy Fairthorne are all members of the Too Hot To Handle cast.

The Circle’s Calvin Crooks, Joey Sasso, Mitchell Eason, Nick Uhlenhuth, and Savannah Palacio are all set to sign on. Bartie Bowden, Damian Powers, Diamond Jack, Lauren “LC” Chamblin, and Shayne Jansen will all be appearing in Love Is Blind.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere and Colony Reeves from “Selling Tampa,” Zay Wilson from “The Ultimatum,” Abbey Humphreys from “Twentysomethings,” Dom Gabriel and Will Richardson from “The Mole,” Kariselle Snow from “Sex* Beast,” and “The Circle” star Justin Theroux also star. Author Ines Tazi of France.

Netflix Perfect Match Release Date

The debut of Netflix’s newest dating show will occur on Tuesday, February 14, 2023, at 1:00 a.m. PT ( 4:00 a.m. ET ). It’s worth noting that just the first four episodes will be available on that day. Two waves of cancellations will be implemented for the remaining episodes.

Netflix Perfect Match Trailer

If you’re a fan of Bachelor in Paradise, you’ll recognise the “Almost Paradise” theme tune in the Perfect Match teaser that has already been released to introduce the cast.

Who Is hosting Perfect Match?

Nick Lachey, who currently co-hosts Love Is Blind on Netflix with his wife Vanessa Lachey, will now host Perfect Match. Moreover, he will be the one to declare the season’s victorious pair to be “the ideal match” during the finale.

Netflix Perfect Match Plot

Huo Ting En is a well-known chef who received his education at Paris’s prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. At his restaurant, La Mure, he focuses on serving many types of Curry from countries like Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India.

After hearing that the Internet has deemed the food of Night Market chef Wei Fen Qing to be inferior to that of himself, he finds himself in conversation with her. Eventually, the two fall in love, but they are unable to be together because of something from their history.

Netflix Perfect Match Cast

Netflix Perfect Match
Netflix Perfect Match

“Perfect Match” showcases Netflix reality stars. According to Tudum, Francesca Farago from “Too Hot to Handle” and “Love Is Blind: After the Altar” season one, Joey Sasso from “The Circle” season one, Nick Uhlenhuth from season three, Ines Tazi from “The Circle France,” Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere from “Selling Tampa,”

Shayne Jansen from “Love Is Blind” season two; Dom Gabriel from “The Mole”; Zay Wilson from “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On”; Kariselle Snow from “Sexy Beasts” season one; Savannah Palacio from “The Circle” season two; Chase DeMoor from “Too Hot to Handle” season two; Calvin Crooks from “The Circle” season three; Georgia Hassarati and Izzy Fairthorne from season three; Damian Powers from “Love Is Blind” season one; Mitchell Eason, Will Richardson, Abbey Humphreys, Diamond Jack, and Lauren “LC” Chamblin from “Love Is Blind” season one.

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