Netflix’s Chestnut Man is a New crime Drama Thriller We Have All Were Longing for Lately

We’re looking for Nordic Noir lovers! Do you get pleasure out of suspenseful stories, grim settings, and intricate police procedures? Do you gorge yourself on the news about a deadly serial murderer on the run, staying up late to watch them with all the lights on, no matter what the electricity bill says? If yes, well, hello Buddy boy! It’s our time to pressurise our dopamine as we are heading to ride on an EXTREMELY thriller drive. We are talking about Netflix’s new nordic noir called the Chestnut Man, packing to unpack our whodunnit cravings sooner than we think. No seriously, please don’t go over its name. We know it’s somewhat dull and unrelated, but trust us when we say- t will be Netflix’s next rockstar. The Chestnut Man, a Netflix original series that is likely to scare you, will be releasing on Netflix to help you relax into the Halloween holiday. The Chestnut Man is a new Nordic noir television series based on the award-winning author Soren Sveistrup’s best-selling novel of the same name. If you’ve seen the crime thriller The Killing, you’ve probably seen some of his work.

So what’s the deal with The Chestnut Man?

Netflix’s Chestnut Man Release date

In September 2020, production on the show officially began. Netflix published a teaser for its upcoming Danish series in June 2021, along with the news that it will premiere in the fall of that year. The official trailer was published two months later, confirming the show’s September 29th, 2021 premiere date.

Chestnut Man

Netflix’s Chestnut Man Cast

If you’ve never seen a Danish film or television series, none of the actors may be known to you. However, if you’ve seen this show, keep your eyes peeled for these well-known faces. In the lead for the role of detectives, we will see Danica Curcic as Naia Thulin and Mikkel Boe Følsgaard as Mark Hess. Moving on to the following characters, the Chestnut Man will star Iben Dorner as Rosa Hartung, Esben Dalgaard Andersen as Steen Hartung, David Dencik as Simon Genz, and Lars Ranthe as Nylander. It is still to be seen what roles these actors will play in the movie.

Netflix’s Chestnut Man Trailer

The teaser trailer for ‘The Chestnut Man,’ the forthcoming Nordic noir from ‘The Killing,’ has finally arrived on Netflix. The spooky and sinister crime show revolves around two investigators on the trail of a serial murderer who brings chestnut miniatures beside the bodies of his victims.

Netflix’s Chestnut Man Plot

The Chestnut Man, written by The phenomenal author Soren Sveistrup, is a riveting Nordic noir mystery about a psychotic murderer known as the Chestnut Man and the detectives sweating to stop him. As with Sveistrup’s The Killing, The Chestnut Man features a female character who is both complex and accurate. This woman’s personal and professional lives are in shambles, thanks in part to an Interpol partner she recently took on as punishment for something she didn’t do. Even though their approaches are divergent and frequently at odds, they both learn to value the other’s uniqueness and the unique perspectives they bring to the table.

Cops make a horrible find in a Copenhagen suburb. A young woman was shot to death, and her body was left at a playground. Her right hand has been amputated, and a little chestnut doll hangs from the ceiling above her. The case is sent to Naia Thulin, a rookie investigator. Her companion is Mark Hess, a disillusioned former Europol detective who has recently been fired. A serial killer has been nicknamed the Chestnut Man because of the tiny dolls made of chestnuts left at all of the crimes. Thulin and Hess are currently chasing this killer. The startling discovery of a year-old deceased girl’s fingerprint on a tin of chestnuts serves as the novel’s catalyst.

A guy confessed to her murder, and the case has been closed for a long time. Another lady is discovered killed soon after, along with another chestnut man. Thulin and Hess believe there is a link between both the Hartung case and the murders of women, as well as a serial murderer who is disseminating dread across the nation. But what is it, exactly? Thulin and Hess are in a mad scramble since the murderer’s objectives are far from done. What’s next? We’ll never intentionally puncture a pot again. To get the answers you want, you’ll have to head over to Netflix.

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