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Netherlands Removes Speed Limit to Reduce Nitrogen Emission

The Netherlands will reduce its nationwide speed limit to a maximum of 100 km per hour (62 mph) as a part of a package deal of emergency measures intended to cut back nitrogen pollution, PM Mark Rutte stated Wednesday.

Rutte’s government has been in disaster since a court in May ordered thousands of construction tasks to be delayed since the Netherlands has been exceeding EU limits on nitrogen emissions for years.

Airborne nitrogen emissions within the form of nitrogen oxides (NOx) come primarily from cars, vehicles, and the heavy diesel-powered utility autos utilized in construction. Nitrogen in soil or groundwater is often in the form of nitrates, present in agricultural fertilizers and sewage, and might cause unpleasant and damaging algal blooms in waterways.

Construction work has been stopped on some 18,000 highway, airport, wind farm, and housing tasks.

The Dutch analysis institute EIB has stated development output is set to plunge by some 8% by 2021.

Farmers have held demonstrations several occasions in the past two months, fearing that they’d face the brunt of remedial measures.

Wednesday’s emergency measures embody changes to the quantity of protein in animal feed, which will assist cut back the nitrogen-bearing ammonia in cattle urine.

Per capita, nitrogen emissions are four times higher than the EU requirements in the small and densely populated Netherlands, with a projected 61% coming from agriculture.

In recent times, permits have been granted to builders and farmers based on their commitments to alleviate nitrogen in nature reserves after projects have been finished.

Rutte stated that it may no longer be possible and that further steps would be declared in the coming months to fulfill the EU emissions bar.


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