News About Loki season 2: Release Date Status And Everything We know So Far

Loki is getting a second season, and the first day of filming for the new MCU show has been announced.

So far, Marvel Studios has made six shows for Disney+, but only two of them have a second season confirmed. Shortly, a new set of episodes will be made for the animated anthology series What If…?, but Loki is the only live-action show that will be brought back. The end of Loki season one had a scene after the credits that talked about season two. Even though there isn’t a release date yet, season two will start filming next month.

News about Loki season 2
News about Loki season 2

A new production listing says that filming for the second season of Loki will start on June 6 in London. No one knows how long the main filming will take, but a show as complicated as Loki will probably take most of the summer to finish.

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Given how long it takes to make a show, it’s likely that Loki’s second season won’t be on Disney+ until 2023. Since Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Secret Invasion are almost ready to come out, Loki’s return would have more time to breathe if it didn’t happen until next year.

Loki’s second season is being put together by a slightly different group of people. Kate Herron, who directed all six episodes of the show’s first season, will now be a producer on the second season. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who just finished directing two episodes of Moon Knight, are set to co-direct season two of Loki. It’s not clear how many episodes Moorhead and Benson will be in charge of, but Marvel may decide to keep them on for the whole season as it did with Herron in season one.

Michael Waldron, who was the lead writer in season one, is being replaced by Eric Martin, who was a staff writer in season one. This is another chance for season two. Waldron is still a part of making season two of Loki, but Martin is the main person writing the scripts.

Loki Season Two Will Pick Up After the Shocking End of Season One

In “For All Time, Always,” the last episode of Loki’s first season, Sylvie kills He Who Remains at the End of Time. This throws the Sacred Timeline into chaos, which may be what the second season is about. Loki is sent back to the TVA before he can stop his alternate self. When he gets there, he finds that the organization has changed a lot since HWR died. Instead of statues of the Time-Keepers, a new facade of one of the different kinds of HWR has been put up.

This will probably be Kang the Conqueror. Mobius and Hunter B-15 no longer recognize Loki, and the whole thing sets up a lot of exciting possibilities for when season two starts.

There haven’t been any official announcements about who will be in Loki season two yet, but a few characters are likely to be back. Tom Hiddleston will be back as Loki, and Sophia Di Martino will probably be back as Sylvie. Since Mobius and B-15 were in the last scene of the last episode of the first season, Owen Wilson and Wunmi Mosaku should also come back to the show.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw will also be back as Ravonna Renslayer. This is because the character left the TVA to find freedom. Since it seems like a version of HWR now runs the TVA, Jonathan Majors should also have a bigger role in Loki season two.

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Right now, we can only guess when Loki season two will come out, but Marvel may want to keep it close to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Majors will play Kang in the movie, so if Loki’s second season will also be about Kang, it could come out early in 2023, around the time Quantumania comes out in February. But since filming starts in June, it might take Marvel a little longer than nine months to make season two of Loki. Time will tell when Loki will be back, but since production has started, it’s only a matter of time before we get back to the TVA and the multiverse.

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