The Next-generation Apple Watch Series 8, Will Have a Significantly Larger Screen

As the release date of the Apple Watch Series 8 draws nearer, there has been an increase in the amount of speculation and information that has been released online. It is anticipated that the tech giant would introduce the next iteration of its smartwatch in September of this year, concurrently with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 14 series handsets.

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Next-generation Apple Watch Series 8 Will Have a Larger Screen

The new claim sheds some light on the display size of this next watch from the Cupertino tech giant. Previous leaks have revealed different characteristics of the Apple Watch Series 8, but the new report sheds some light on the display size. A rumor that was shared on Twitter by the chief of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Ross Young, suggests that Apple would offer Watch Series 8 in three different sizes and that the displays on the new watches will be larger than those on the Apple Watch Series 7

Next-generation Apple Watch Series 8
Next-generation Apple Watch Series 8


The display on the Watch Series 8 may have a size of 1.99 inches, while the dial on the most expensive variant may measure 50 mm. Having said that, the Watch Series 7 is only offered in two different sizes: 41 mm and 45 mm. We had previously reported that the Apple Watch Series 8 will include a new fever detecting capability that will be able to measure the wearer’s body temperature and then make a recommendation regarding whether or not the wearer should visit a doctor.

In addition, the source indicates that the company would most likely include an S8 chipset, which is speculated to be comparable to the S7 chipset. We anticipate that Apple Watch Series 8 will be available in three different versions, including a sports edition and a standard SE model.

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