Nick Cannon Will Let God Decide Whether He Has More Children Who Knows?

Nick Cannon has declared that he will wait for God’s will before deciding whether or not he will have any more children. The singer and TV host talked to Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight before his forthcoming “Future Superstar” tour, where he will meet and work with up-and-coming artists in 24 locations.

When asked whether or not he planned to expand his family, Cannon stated he was consulting a higher power. “Yes, yes, and yes. God alone knows when we’re finished, but I feel like I’ve got my hands full right now “… he made the following statement.

“I have a laser-like concentration. Now I have no way out. But who knows what will happen when I’m 85. A possibility exists.” In December of 2022, Cannon and his model wife, Alyssa Scott, welcomed their eleventh child, a daughter named Halo.

His family went from seven to eleven in a year thanks to the birth of his eleventh kid (Cannon’s first child with Scott, Zen, died of brain cancer in December 2021).

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The comedian added that he hopes to be able to financially support all seven of the children he has custody of with six different women as they follow their dreams.

“It’s a blessing, dude, like, ideally because of what I can accomplish, my kids can do whatever they want,” he added. “If they want to be a nuclear physicist, for example, I know somebody at an Ivy League institution that I could.

“We have the means to support their ambitions, whether they lie in the arts, the military, or the stage. Let’s get the ball rolling on this conversation right away so we can make your goals a reality.”

In September 2021, the performer also referred to God while addressing his future goals as a family man. “You can’t just say “No, I’m done” without considering it. What if, for example, A ‘Flat’ Bible Flat Out Leads Away from Jesus, “No, you are not”? “, he revealed to ET back then.

Continuing, he said, “Because of my unconventional upbringing and the fact that my grandparents raised me at times, I have a deep and abiding affection for children and families. I am the oldest of many siblings. I, too, am hoping for a sizable brood. Ask, and you shall get; the Lord has granted my request.”

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