Nikki Haley Husband: Nikki and Partner Story of Resilience and Devotion!

Nimarata Nikki Haley is an American politician and diplomat who held the position of 29th United States ambassador to the UN for two years, from January 2017 to December 2018, and as the 116th governor of South Carolina, elected in 2010 and reelected in 2014.

She is the first Indian American to have a position in a presidential cabinet and a member of the Republican Party. From 2011 through 2017, South Carolina’s first gentleman was William Michael Haley, a commissioned officer in the South Carolina Army National Guard.

Nikki Haley Husband

He held the post for the first time as a man. Nikki Haley, a former governor of South Carolina and ambassador for the United States to the UN, is married to Haley. Here are more details about Nikki Haley’s Husband.

Nikki Haley Husband

In 1989, while Nikki was a freshman at Clemson University and Michael was enrolled at Anderson University nearby, they first met. Nikki refers to Michael as Bill, and while he had a girlfriend when they first met, they started dαting right away.

Nikki Haley was one of several military spouses there for an official deployment ceremony that took place at The Citadel at the Military College of South Carolina at noon for members of the 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade.

One of the 200 or so members of the South Carolina National Guard who will deploy is Michael Haley. Haley gave her husband, who was seated in the front row in formation with his unit, a kiss as she entered the stands for the ceremony.

Haley had a particular mention in the program as the former governor of the state, and she was joined by her young adult children Nalin and Rena as well as Rena’s spouse, Joshua Jackson. After the brief ceremony, a few people approached Haley as she was making her way down the bleachers to the field to embrace her husband.

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“We met 26 years ago at Clemson. I was 17 and Michael Haley was 19. Today we are celebrating 19 years of marriage. We have grown up, lived, laughed, and loved together. How fun it has been! #19thanniversary #Blessed,” she said in a post.

Hurricane Fran forced them to postpone their wedding, which took place in 1996 at St. Andrew By-the-Sea United Methodist Church on Hilton Head. A Sikh ceremony was also held, but Nikki chose to follow Michael’s religion instead.

Michael is a captain in the National Guard of South Carolina. He enlisted in the military in 2006, and his first deployment to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province occurred in 2012. Rena and Nalin are Michael and Nikki’s two children. In July 2022, Rena got engaged, and Michael said on Instagram, “Love these two!! “Celebration Time!”

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