Nintendo Releases Another Update For Switch (Version 14.1.2)

There has been no indication from Nintendo that they plan to discontinue the Switch in favor of a new console anytime soon. The fact that it doesn’t is also a plus.

Fans will find the hardware to be more than adequate, and many exciting Switch games are on the horizon, including Bayonetta 3, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and many others.

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There is, of course, the matter of constantly updating the firmware to ensure that the Nintendo ecosystem as a whole remains cutting edge. Update 14.1.2 for the Nintendo Switch was released last month, and it addressed general system stability, enhanced a few OS features, and added a word to the bad name list, among other things. Nintendo has also released a new update for this firmware version that does not require a system reboot.

Nintendo Released a Minor Update

Earlier today, Nintendo released a minor “rebootless” update for the Switch console and a new version of the Switch Online mobile app. This update is installed invisibly and requires no action from the fans. It is also quite small. OatmealDome, a Nintendo data miner, claims that this update merely adds a few new swear words to the existing list.

Nintendo Releases Another Update For Switch (Version 14.1.2)
Nintendo Releases Another Update For Switch (Version 14.1.2)

According to reports, the Japanese update is a continuation of changes introduced in firmware 14.1.1, as Nintendo continues investigating the wide range of expressions that can be considered offensive. The two URLs may be the most out-of-place additions here, but OatmealDome claims they are there to stop people from typing email addresses into the wrong text fields.

This patch is relatively minor, but it does expand upon the features introduced in the previous major Switch update (14.0.1). A long-awaited feature, groups, was introduced with this update in May.

Major new features like this can’t always be included in updates, and it’s possible that some fans might not even notice when one does. After all, it’s negligible and only affects the minority of people who try to engage in inappropriate behavior while using their hybrid game consoles.

Nintendo may decide to improve the Switch’s Group functionality in the future. While the Nintendo Switch shows no signs of slowing down, the console’s longevity and security are dependent on iterative updates and seemingly minor additions like this one.

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