Nintendo Reports $11.57 Million in Sales for the Switch in the Last Quarter

Nintendo recorded a new sales record for the Switch gaming devices as the company has achieved a new sales record of $ 11.57 million in the fourth quarter of last year. However, due to the lack of exact records, the market gurus cannot tell whether people prefer the switches over PC and consoles or not.

Compared to the previous years’ same quarter, Nintendo managed to increase the Switch gaming device’s shipments during the last quarter by 7%. Till now, the Switch gaming device achieved the best record shipments of $ 11.57 million.

Nintendo Sold Switches of Worth $11.57 Million

As per the official statement released by the company officials, Switches’ sales graph has surpassed previous Nintendo versions of the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS devices. As Nintendo managed to bring Switch shipments to 79.87 million units since its first launch until now. In contrast, the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS have achieved 75.94 million unit shipments.

The Switch also achieved shipments in the last quarter, amounting to 2.5 million units, and expectations indicate that the main reason for the increase in console shipments is the Corona epidemic, which prompted many users to search for entertainment during the lockdown period in several countries.

It is reported that Nintendo’s expectations will offer Switch users new titles, namely Super Mario 3D World, and Bowser’s Fury, the latest version of the 3D version, and is ready to launch on February 12 2021. Then Persona 5 Strikers will also release on February 23 2021.

Let’s see if these big titles help the Nintendo to add another feather in the cap.

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