Noragami Season 3 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot & So on

Noragami is a fantastic supernatural anime series that is all set to return with its third season. The first season premiered on 5th January 2014, and the second season subsequently came on2nd October 2015. It became pretty popular as an anime series, with a 7.9 rating on IMDb, and made its place among the top-rated manga series in 2014. The series is initially written by Adachitoka and directed by Kotaro Tamura. Fans are speculating the probable dates of Noragami Season 3 being premiered, and it is sure to happen soon. 

The storyline of Noragami

The anime series shows the life of Hiyori, the protagonist, who succumbs to a bus accident while trying to save a stranger. She lands up in an alternative world and meets Yato, who becomes her good friend in no time. Gradually, she gets to relate to a different atmosphere altogether in this world. Yato realizes his failure as a God and tries to achieve anything to resurrect his erstwhile position. The exciting events in the past two seasons highlight the need for Noragami Season 3 even more. 

Noragami Season 3 release date

Although no official release date has been announced as of now, fans speculate that it will premiere soon. This is because the series makers hinted at the creation and production of a third season earlier. The ongoing pandemic situation is what is causing the delay. If everything goes as planned, then the anime will soon have a third season in late 2021, or 2022 at the most.

The cast of Noragami Season 3

The excellent voice cast for the series is to continue in Noragami Season 3 as well. These will include Yuki Kaji as Yato and Maya Uchida as Hiyori. A host of new characters are expected in the upcoming season, some of which may consist of the God of poverty Kofuku, God of war and fortune Bishamonten, Diakoku, Roubou, Kureha and Kazuma. It will be fascinating to watch what these new characters have in store and how they will affect the plot of the anime series.

The plot structure of Noragami Season 3

As this series is an adaptation of the famous manga series with the same name, there is much to discover. Noragami Season 3 will most probably focus on Yato’s character the most, bringing out his desire to become a real God with supreme powers. His past life is going to be depicted, with particular emphasis on his relationship with his father. No official trailer has been released yet, but we can take hints from the manga novel and prepare a basic outline of what will happen. There are a number of interesting plot twists that are going to surface in the next season, and we cannot wait for it to begin!


Recent updates about Noragami Season 3

The delay of Noragami Season 3 is mainly due to the pandemic situation, but things are getting better. So, fans have also started expecting the third season soon. The first two seasons of the anime series have caused massive excitement among people worldwide, which is clear from the great reviews posted by eminent fans on different social media platforms. An early premiere is likely to occur soon, so stay alert and updated. We will be posting regular updates about the same so that you never miss any important news.

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It can be seen how the anime series has created a considerable stir among the audience with just two seasons. Fans are eagerly waiting for a third season while also speculating what can happen next. The protagonist’s entrance into the supernatural world is a fantastic twist that follows through the entire manga series. It will also be interesting to note how Yato’s character develops and changes with time. Overall, season 3 is highly in demand, and makers are continuously dropping hints about the premiere. Follow the latest updates to know more about season 3.

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