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Norah Vincent Biography

Renowned journalist Norah Vincent was born in the United States on September 20, 1968. Vincent did not use deception to gain access to the hospital, but her expose is analogous to Nellie Bly’s Ten Days in a Mad-House, which was written by an undercover journalist more than a century ago (1887).

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The Rosenhan study from the 1970s also allows for a comparison of conditions in various institutions for the mentally ill. Norah’s personal experiences in mental hospitals were different from those of people in good mental health because of her history of minor mental health issues and more serious traumatic life incidences. She and Nellie Bly’s encounters are also distinct from the Rosenhan experiment in that they rely more on first-person accounts than on statistically significant samples. Norah Vincent is a Capricorn by astrological reckoning.

Voluntary Madness is Vincent’s memoir of her time spent in a mental institution. Depression set in after she had to pretend to be a man for eighteen months; she worried she might hurt herself if she went back to her real gender.

She checked herself into a psychiatric hospital upon the recommendation of her therapist. Vincent was incarcerated not just once, but thrice: once in a large city’s public, underfunded facility; once in a small town’s private, lavish facility. Some areas of the mental health care system were plagued by conceited physicians and excessive reliance on pharmaceuticals, while others focused on treating only the symptoms rather than the root of the problem.

norah vincent height
norah vincent height

Net Worth

Norah Vincent is one of the wealthiest and most well-known journalists in the world. She has written some renowned books which have contributed immensely to her net worth.  Norah Vincent has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars, as reported by various sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Norah Vincent Height and Body Measurements

It is currently unknown how tall Norah Vincent is or what her exact body measurements are. But we will update this, as soon as we get the information concerned.

Personal Life

Norah Vincent is one of those who like to keep their personal life a secret. However, Norah Vincent was married to Lisa McNulty, according to our records.

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