OBX Season 3 Trailer: Is It Gonna Be Lit!

Returning to Poguelandia is now necessary. We’ve been excitedly anticipating going on another treasure hunt with John B. (Chase Stokes) and his crew of buddies since Outer Banks Season 2 was released in July 2021. We now know where the Pogues are going next and it certainly appears to be a huge project according to the Outer Banks Season 3 video.

More action, adventure, and of course romance are things we anticipate for Season 3. The Pogues were pursuing the coveted Cross of Santo Domingo when we last saw them in the Outer Banks Season 2 finale. The Pogues were unable to obtain the ultimate prize, but at least they largely avoided harm.

A significant query for Outer Banks Season 3 is: After it is revealed that Big John (Charles Halford), John B.’s father, is still alive, what will happen? Undoubtedly, we are hoping for a father-and-son get-together.

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OBX Season 3 Trailer

The third season of Outer Banks’ teaser doesn’t waste any time in revealing what the Pogues will look for next, but the search won’t be simple. Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen) tells the group of individuals in the video, “You and your buddies possess the key to the ultimate conquest: El Dorado.” And that is my fate, my little friend.

And if there’s one thing we know about the Kooks, it’s that they’ll go to any lengths to obtain the treasure. “I will take what is mine. Definitely mine, “Says Rafe (Drew Starkey). The trailer also teases John B. seeing Big John, which has been eagerly anticipated.

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Season 3 Of Outer Banks Drops Date

Outer Banks Season 3 will debut on Netflix on Feb. 23, according to a statement made on Jan. 3. Fun fact: Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron, unintentionally revealed this date in a Young Hollywood interview from last year. We are overjoyed that the Pogues will be back in just a few weeks!

Season 3 Of Outer Banks Drops Date
Season 3 Of Outer Banks Drops Date

Season 3 Of Outer Banks Is Here, And It Is Gonna Be Lit!

Netflix also unveiled the debut date and the first look pictures for Outer Banks Season 3. On what looks to be Poguelandia, there is a picture of John B., Sarah, and Cleo (Carlacia Grant) each gazing at something with varying degrees of excitement.

We also need to discuss this first-look photo of Kie (Madison Bailey) and JJ sharing a private moment (Rudy Pankow). In Outer Banks Season 3, can we finally expect these two closest friends to fall in love? Jiara supporters rise. The Pope and Cleo teaser by Jonathan Daviss and Grant was also released by Netflix. We’re thrilled that Grant will become a series regular in Season 3 and can’t wait to see how Cleo’s relationships with the Pogues develop.

The Casting Of Outer Banks Season 3

Netflix revealed additional cast members joining the upcoming season in June 2022. Carlos Singh, played by Andy McQueen, is a “ruthless Caribbean Don on his own treasure hunt.” Lou Ferrigno Jr., who plays Singh’s chief security officer, will appear alongside McQueen. Additionally, Fiona Palomo will play Sofia in Season 3. According to Netflix, Sofia is “a self-identified Pogue who builds a close connection to Rafe.”

The Casting Of Outer Banks Season 3
The Casting Of Outer Banks Season 3

For Season 3 of Outer Banks, every series regular—aside from Chase Stokes—will be back. Carlacia Grant, who portrays Cleo, the newest member of the core group of Pogues friends, has reportedly been promoted to series regular, according to Deadline. Don’t forget to share the deets with your fam, and check out Green Energy Analysis for the latest scoop!

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