On April, Min Min Smash Amiibo Will Be Released. Steve and Alex’s Minecraft Amiibo Have Been Postponed

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate was going to introduce Min Min Smash Amiibo to the game along with Minecraft’s Steve and Alex amiibo.

But, there has been a change of plans regarding Min Min Smash Amiibo and Steve and Alex Amiibo. The change was announced via Twitter where Nintendo announced the release date for Min Min Smash Amiibo and a delay in Steve and Alex Amiibo. 

The tweet regarding the delay is:

“The Steve & Alex Smash Bros Amiibo was previously announced to launch in spring 202. However, due to a logistics and production delay, unfortunately, the release timing has been delayed to later in 2022.”

Min Min amiibo
Min Min amiibo

Nintendo still hasn’t revealed how late the Steve and Alex amiibos will be releasing as compared to the Min Min Smash amiibo which is releasing soon. To find out more about Min Min Smash Amiibo and when it will be available, keep reading.

When was Min Min Smash Amiibo Announced?

Back in 2021, during the Kazuya announcement, Nintendo also revealed the Min Min Smash Amiibo. And now, they have announced the release date for the Min Min Smash Amiibo. Based on the official announcement, Min Min Smash Amiibo will be released on April 29, 2022.

Moreover, you can check Min Min Smash amiibo out in the Nintendo store and purchase it from there once it releases. We are sure you will like the way Min Min Smash amiibo looks and she will be a great addition to your collection.

Besides Min Min Smash Amiibo, which other amiibo will be Released?

Next in line, after Min Min Smash Amiibo, Minecraft’s Steve and Alex amiibos will be released. Players can also expect Sephiroth amiibo. In addition to Min Min Smash Amiibo, we are sure players will be excited to get an amiibo for the DLC fighter, Sora. But, Sora will probably be released in the end as he was the last DLC fighter to be introduced.

Additionally, Kazuya Mishima amiibo might even be released for the ultimate version especially since Min Min Smash amiibo is also being introduced. And maybe Pyra and Mythra will be the next addition in the amiibo collection after Steve, Alex, and Min Min Smash amiibo.

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