One Piece Chapter 1042: When Will It Be Released, How Long Will It Take, and What Will It Be About

Welcome back Fam! We are here discussing our all-time favorite series one piece once again.  So for all the fans who have been waiting for the upcoming episode that is chapter 1042 of one piece you do not have to wait anymore.

We have gathered everything you need to know about this upcoming chapter and we also have some additional spoilers for you.  So what are you waiting for? keep reading further to know everything about this upcoming series coming chapter of one piece?

All the recent chapters of one piece that has been released have been spectacular in their way. We have seen many battles on Onigashima which finally came to an end in the recent chapters. Law, Zoro, Sanji, and Kid were the winners of these recent rounds. However, we have seen Luffy still having a hard time facing Kaidou.

As we have seen in the previous chapters the author had put a lot of effort into the ongoing fight between Luffy and Kaido. Now all the fans are very excited to know what has actually happened between Kaido and Luffy and who finally won the match. Should not forget to watch the upcoming episode as we are very much excited about the result of the war and we know that you are too. 

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One Piece Chapter 1042 Spoilers

 As per the recent spoilers chapter 1042, one piece is going to be named “ Winners need no excuse”. This upcoming chapter is going to start with X Drake fighting with the boss of CPO.  It will be we will see that X Drake stabs the CPO but somehow the situation turns out to be something different and Drake instead gets hit in the throat with Shigan.

Moving forward it was seen that the main focus of the chapter was shown on Luffy and his war with Kaido.  To our utter surprise, Kaido showed 3 new moves while fighting with Luffy. 

Further on to distract Kaido Luffy goes to his form of Boundman and uses some new attacks known as  “Gomu Gomu No Over Kong Gun.”  However, Kaido acted very smartly and reacted to the attack of Luffy with “Raihou Hakke. This attack was all brand new and we haven’t seen it in the entire series yet.

One Piece Chapter 1042
One Piece Chapter 1042

This episode will end with the CPO boss reaching the point where Kaido and Luffy must be fighting.  Luffy will get distracted and Kaido will end up hitting Luffy most powerfully. Other than that the  CPO boss had grabbed Luffy’s arm with which he was going to attack Kaido.

Even though Kaido was not happy with the sudden show of the CPO boss he couldn’t stop and continued with Luffy.  We would be seeing kaido completely heartbroken and shocked seeing the exact similar things that happened with Oden was happening once again. Kaido must have found Oden 20 years ago and he thought that Oden and Luffy’s expressions were completely the same. Finally, the chapter ends with Luffy lying on the ground and bleeding because of the injury.

One Piece Chapter 1042 Release Date

The upcoming chapter 1042 of one piece is going to be released on 6th March 2022 all over the world.  You can also read this upcoming chapter on Manga plus and Viz media.  Both the platforms will allow you to read the latest chapters for free and you do not have to pay for any site to read this latest chapter. 

Other than the Manga Plus also confirmed that this chapter will be available to read at midnight as per Japan’s timing.  However, the timing will change depending on the region you belong to. Below mentioned are the dates and times of the upcoming latest episode.

  • Pacific Time: 7 AM (March 6th)
  • Central Time: 9 AM (March 6th)
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM (March 6th)
  • British Time: 3 PM (March 6th)
  • European Time: 4 PM (March 6th)
  • India Time: 8.30 PM (March 6th)

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