OnePlus 9 is in the works, codename revealed

While everyone is busy writing about the features wish-list of OnePlus 9. The leaker has revealed the information about the upcoming phone, as per the leakers’ tweet, 9 and 9 Pro are currently in the development phase with a refreshing codename.

The new series of OnePlus handsets will be known as ‘Lemonade’ (at least internally). In the tweet, the leakster, also indicated that there are some chances that we’ll see a handset with refreshingly feature-filled and colourful.

Apart from this information, there is nothing else to share with you. However, at the end of his tweet, he also added a photoshopped image of OnePlus’ alleged codename. But that was also overlapped by two blue, flat-display smartphones that are meant to represent the 9 and 9 Pro.

While replying to the audience, he quoted that the colour choice was ‘made up’, and he doesn’t know anything about the lineup’s colour variants yet. When someone asked whether OnePlus 9 would be curved like the OnePlus 8 or flat like the OnePlus 8T, he just said, he doesn’t know about the design or display.

OnePlus 9 Launch Date

On the launch date he said, we can expect the device in the market on or before April 2021. Nevertheless, these words sound like a guess not leaked information.

Currently, the price of the handset is still a mystery, but if the history is going to be repeated, then we can expect T-mobile to offer at least one from both of them. These days OnePlus is planning to launch OnePlus 8T. Though after the launch the company can concentrate OnePlus 9 series.

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