Oregon College Coaches and Athletic Directors From Being Dismissed for Their Supporters’ Behavior

A lawmaker in Oregon has introduced legislation that would mandate a mandatory one-week suspension for athletic directors and coaches at public institutions if supporters engage in certain disruptive behaviors at home games.

HB2472, proposed by Rep. Janelle Bynum, would mandate that public universities enact “equity-focused policies that address the use of derogatory or inappropriate names, insults, verbal assaults, profanity, or ridicule that occurs at an interscholastic activity, including by spectators of the interscholastic activity.”

The measure requires institutions to establish a “transparent complaint mechanism” and a reporting system for anyone “to file complaints regarding student, coach, or spectator conduct,” with no more than 48 hours response time.

Oregon College Coaches and Athletic Directors From Being Dismissed

In addition, schools will be expected to “strive” to address concerns within 30 days. Annual student surveys “to understand and react to possible infractions of equality-centered policies” and a system of punishments would be required.

The measure mandates that all personnel in the athletic department get training on the university’s standards, and it includes explicit suspension provisions for the athletic director and the head coach of the sport during which the event occurred.

Universities that do not have such procedures in place “may not receive public money in the form of state grants, state grants or support from the Oregon State Police” if the measure is passed into law.

Get up to speed on the news in Oregon State by reading these headlines:

As for how universities would create a code” of conduct that would be compliant with the law, the bill states, “The Higher Education Coordinating Commission shall work with independent universities, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, professional organizations, student organizations, cultural organizations, and religious o” organizations to develop rules for interscholastic codes of conduct.”

The law would be effective for the 2023–24 academic year if it were to pass. A group of Oregon football supporters was discovered last autumn to have chanted insults against BYU fans during a game in Eugene. John CaBynum’sa local Oregonian and expert on the Pac-12, claim that Rep. Bynum’s son Ellis is a walk-on running back for the Oregon Ducks.

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