Oregon’s Republican House Sponsored School Safety Legislation

After a sh**ting at a Nashville, Tennessee, elementary school left three ad*lts and three children dead, Republicans in the Oregon House of Representatives introduced a package of proposals to improve school security.

The “Safe Schools Package” is a collection of seven proposals submitted by the House Republican Caucus on March 28. According to legislative representatives, the package includes a bill prioritizing the protection of Oregon’s schoolchildren and teachers.

Vikki Breese-Iverson, the Republican leader in the Oregon House, offered her sympathy to the victims of the Nashville tragedy as she proposed the legislation.

Oregon's Republican House Sponsored School Safety Legislation

“Mr. Speaker, I want to extend our Caucus’ deepest condolences to everyone impacted at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Details of this sh**ting are still coming out. While we do not know the motives and extent of this tragedy, our hearts go out to the students, families, and educators affected,” Breese-Iverson said.

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House Republicans claim that although five of the seven pieces of legislation in the package were rejected in committee, two bills have bipartisan support and are making their way through the chamber. House Bill 3584 would mandate electronic notification to parents whenever there is a danger to student safety. In contrast, House Bill 3101 would require the installation of at least one panic alarm in each school.

According to reports Breese-Iverson said-

“Yesterday’s tragedy is a parent’s worst nightmare. We agree with our Democratic colleagues – student safety is critical.”The legislation proposed in the Safe Schools Package, sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats, must be prioritized for the safety of our students.”

Based on the facts we know at this time, nothing in the House Democrats Omnibus G*n Package would not have stopped this tragedy. It is our responsibility to ensure that Oregon students are as safe as State Legislators are in the Capitol. Republicans stand ready to work in a bipartisan manner, have the difficult conversations, and protect our students.”

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