The Oscars Caused Drama When Andrea Riseborough Got Snubbed!

The British actress, 41, is a true actor’s actor—the kind of dedicated thespian who is well-regarded by her contemporaries but has mostly slipped beneath the public’s notice. You may have watched Riseborough playing Nicolas Cage’s wife in the surreal “Mandy,” courting Emma Stone in “Battle of the Sexes,” preventing an accident fatality in an episode of “Black Mirror,” or exploring a destroyed Earth with Tom Cruise in “Oblivion” without even realising it was the same actress.

How Is Riseborough Doing Up On The Stage?

Riseborough plays Leslie, who is a scruffy slip of a person, and she makes a lot of significant decisions. Although I openly support maximalist acting, I should point out that if this were evaluated on a scale from 1 (total naturalism) to 10 (Kristen Wiig as Liza Minnelli trying to turn off a lamp), Riseborough would be pulling an incredibly high number.

What Made Her Oscar Run Fire? Her Unique Strategy!

A typical Oscar race unfolds like a season of “Squid Game” dressed in couture, where a huge number of contenders are eliminated until only a select few remain. It is helpful to receive nominations at televised award shows and accolades from critics, but Riseborough fell short on both counts: She had only received a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award and didn’t have a wealthy distributor ready to purchase For Your Consideration advertisements on her behalf. She wasn’t considered to be a significant candidate or even a dark horse that could surprise the majority of experts. You can also like to read about The Tarot Prophecy For Each Sign On February 9, 2023.

What Made Her Oscar Run Fire? Her Unique Strategy!
What Made Her Oscar Run Fire? Her Unique Strategy!

People Were Absolutely Wilding And Everyone Was Heated Beyond Belief!

The eventual Oscar winner Melissa Leo famously appeared in the “Consider” ad campaign wearing furs and posing among pillars like a Blackglama model roaming Hearst Castle. This wasn’t the first time a contender had used her own initiative to promote herself for the Oscars. However, Riseborough’s team chose to forego a costly, multi-month campaign that would have featured round tables, parties, red carpet appearances, film festival tributes, and numerous press hits in favour of a week-long war that was largely driven by word of mouth.

Did The Campaign Break Any Laws?

The academy stated in a statement on January 27 that it would check the nominees’ marketing tactics to make sure none of its rules were broken. Although Riseborough and “To Leslie” weren’t expressly named in the statement, a mention of grassroots initiatives virtually guaranteed that her nomination was under scrutiny. Here is another interesting news to read New Movie Cocaine Bear. 

Did The Campaign Break Any Laws? 
Did The Campaign Break Any Laws?

Have Any Academy Award Nods Ever Been Retracted?

Rarely, but the last two times it did, improper campaigning was to blame. Bruce Broughton’s incredibly “huh?” original-song nomination for the niche faith-based movie “Alone Yet Not Alone” was revoked by the Academy in 2014 because he had used his position as a previous academy governor to his advantage while requesting consideration. Additionally, the Academy disqualified sound mixer Greg P. Russell’s candidature for “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” in 2017 due to his involvement in “telephone lobbying.” You can follow our Twitter account.

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