What is ‘P-Valley’ About and Where Is It Filmed?

In its new series P-Valley, Starz explores the lives of strippers. Katori Hall, author of the play “Pussy Valley,” which premiered in 2015, and was later adapted for television, is behind the drama. Even though the show is about dancers, it’s not just about what happens on stage. The characters’ lives and pasts are complicated, and Hall sets up the series to show how hard stripping is and how much work it takes to perform every night.

Last month, Hall told the New York Times, “People have to eat. People have to shelter themselves. And so, for me, the major political act of the show is saying that women’s choices, women’s lives, all women’s lives, are worthy of being excavated.”  To the sound of flesh sliding down a pole and the click of heels across the stage, P-Valley transports its audience to a seedy nightclub. Here’s all you need to know about P-Valley before diving into one of the summer’s best dramas.

What Is P-Valley About?

The dancers at a club named The Pynk in the Mississippi Delta (or “Pussy Valley”) are the focus of a new Starz series called P-Valley. When one of the club’s star dancers reveals she is leaving and a new lady from out of town arrives, things start to get tense because the women there treat each other like family and look out for each other. As Mercedez (Brandee Evans) announces her retirement from The Pynk after many years of service, a new performer named Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson) makes her way into the club and steals the show on an amateur night, much to the delight of the audience and the club’s owner, Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan).

p valley
p valley

The new girl and her background are shrouded in mystery, and with Mercedez preparing for her last dance, it looks like “Mercedez Sundays” at The Pynk will bring in far less money than usual. As the season unfolds, we discover more about why Autumn came to The Pynk and why Mercedez is leaving, and how Uncle Clifford is trying to keep his club running.

Is P-Valley An Actual Place?

Although the show is set in a place called Chucalissa, there is no such town in Mississippi, and neither is there a strip joint called The Pynk. That sense of realism, however, is not coincidental; Hall has clearly put in a lot of effort to explore every aspect of his made-up setting. The P-Valley author celebrated her birthday at a Bronx bar one year.

Where Is P-Valley Filmed?

Since P-Valley doesn’t exist in the real world, you’re undoubtedly wondering where the show is actually set. P-Valley is still made in the South, but not in Chucalissa. Instead, the Starz series is made in Atlanta, Georgia.

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