Pamela Anderson Opens Up On Rollercoaster Tommy Lee Romance In New Memoir

Pamela Anderson’s latest biography includes introspection on her romantic history, especially her rocky relationship with Tommy Lee. The couple’s explosive relationship, highlighted by the dramatic release of their se* video, dominated headlines throughout the ’90s.

The current TV series Pam & Tommy, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan, was inspired on the relationship between the Baywatch actress (now 55) and the Motley Crue guitarist (now 60).

In an excerpt from her forthcoming book acquired by People Magazine, she reflects on their time together, writing, “My relationship with Tommy may have been the only time I was ever genuinely in love.”

She allegedly penned, “The divorce with Tommy was the toughest, lowest, most terrible period of my life.” in reference to the couple’s separation. She said she was ‘crushed’ by the breakup, but that she wanted to reassure him that they still ‘check in every once in a while’ because they share children Brandon and Dylan.

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Pamela has since tied the knot with Kid Rock, Rick Salomon, and Dan Hayhurst, but she is content with her present relationship status.

She said, “Now that I’m alone, I live a more romantic life than I did in marriages.” In order to relax, I’ll turn on some candles and listen to some music. I have a piano, and it would be great if there were someone else in my life who shared my passion for music, but alas, I have yet to meet that someone. It typically involves meeting their needs, and thus requires some sort of equilibrium.

Pamela Anderson Talks About Her Breakup With Tommy Lee

Actress Pamela Anderson has been opening more about her private life. Both her memoir Love, Pamela and her Netflix documentary Pamela, a love tale demonstrate that the ex-Baywatch actress has much to say.

People has gotten an excerpt from Pamela’s book in which she discusses her notorious marriage to Tommy Lee of the band Mötley Crüe. The 55-year-old woman says that, despite their final divorce, Tommy was her one and only real love.

Pamela says, “My relationship with Tommy was maybe the only time I was ever completely in love.” We wanted to start a family and be married forever. On a cin 1995, the pair tied the knot. Nonetheless, the pair managed to get free from the paparazzi’s incessant intrusions in their life.

Pamela says playfully, “We had fun, and our rule was no rules.” Pamela says the’ se* tape’ incident, which began in 1996 when several personal films were taken from her home, was the beginning of the end for her marriage.

Pamela mulls over the fact that “it damaged lives, starting with our relationship,” and finds it “unforgivable” that individuals even today believe they can benefit from such a dreadful experience, much alone a crime. Over the course of the next few months, Tommy became increasingly abusive toward Pamela and their two kids, Brandon and Dylan, prompting the actress to seek for divorce.

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