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Paris Hilton Posts Pictures in Her Wedding Dress After Marrying Carter Reum

Paris Hilton has married, surrounded by thousands of white roses! A white rose arch stood above the newlyweds as they exchanged vows on the walkway, which had been beautifully adorned.

In a star-studded ceremony at her late grandfather’s lavish Bel-Air mansion, the reality TV personality married her entrepreneur fiance Carter Reum. Paris Hilton teased an opulent ceremony that only the star of Cooking With Paris could pull off.

The 40-year-old celebrity and businesswoman later described some of the day’s highlights, which included “glam” and champagne, as well as “dancing and raging to a DJ set.” She raved over her new husband and related the first time the two saw each other before the wedding.

In 2020, the former socialite and reality TV star opened up on how childhood trauma had influenced her public persona over the previous two decades.

Hilton spoke out about her time in an abusive “behavior modification” school in an interview with CBS “Sunday Morning” correspondent Tracy Smith.

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“I simply felt so lost when I left that school,” Hilton added. She said that her “dumb blonde” appearance was a ruse and that her true disposition is quite different.”It was this blonde, bouncy, sort of Barbie airhead,” she remarked of the character.

“In reality, I’m the polar opposite. I’m not a stupid blonde; I’m simply really skilled at acting like one.” and too was the real thing.

Hilton’s Expressions After Marriage

Hilton shared her feelings with people around the globe. The heiress took to Instagram to show off her Oscar de la Renta heavy-designed wedding gown. “You don’t just know when you have found your soulmate. You’re aware of it “At the time, she wrote on Instagram.

“My love and I have been together since our first date, and he planned a special trip to a tropical paradise for my birthday. Carter escorted us to a flower-draped cabana and dropped to one knee as we strolled along the beach to supper.

Yes, I can not think of anyone I would prefer to spend the rest of my life with. Here is to the Forever Kind of Love.” Hilton wrote, “My forever begins today…”

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On Thursday, nine months after Reum proposed on Hilton’s 40th birthday, the pair said “I do.” In a blog post on her website on Friday, she expressed her first reaction to the celebration and becoming a “new wife.”

In November of this year, Reum, a businessman, began dating Hilton. “I’m overjoyed.

In February 2020, the Simple Life alum told Us Weekly, “This is the finest period of my life right now. The day after she and Carter Reum formally tied the knot, Paris Hilton shared her “first reflections of her “real dream wedding.” “The big day for my wedding was a few days ago.

I finally got to kiss my Prince and start living the happily ever after I’d dreamed about since I was a little girl “she commented.

The Outfit of Hilton

Hilton was dressed in a floral-lace bridal gown, in which she was carrying an adorable look. In a custom Oscar de la Renta gown, Hilton had her “Cinderella moment.”As she was looking gorgeous, it took no time to go viral on social media. S

he expressed, “I am pleased with how it turned out. I wanted something timeless, elegant, sophisticated, and iconic at the same time, and I am overjoyed with the actual results, “Vogue reported on Hilton’s comments.

According to Oscar de la Renta, the long-sleeve wedding gown “was handmade and hand-embroidered and heavy work designed gown by eight modistes over 1,400 hours and had pressed flowers, lace accents, and a matching veil.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s navy tuxedo was worn by Reum, in which he was carrying a decent look.

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In the gown, Hilton stated she “felt more like a Princess than ever before.” “My first two strides down the aisle are imprinted in my mind.

Seeing all of my loved ones and closest friends’ faces in the throng, with all of their gazes fixed on me, was surreal “Friday, she made a blog post about it. “I had to keep my composure because if I didn’t, I’d be crying throughout the show’s film. It was sheer enchantment.”

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